Twin Towers

2 to 6 players | Reviewed by DaZ - Monday 19th March 2001 @ 12:51am

Twin Towers is a medium size map for 2 to 6 players to have a rumble in, the look is fairly original with lots of little strip lights illuminating the walls and hallways and large outdoor areas with cascading stairs. For a night time map the outdoor areas feel a little bright but on the whole lighting is good and the build quality is solid yet nothing amazing.

Gameplay is where the map falls down though. the open areas are a little too large and some of the hallways are so long it takes ages to get to the other end. item placement is also a little haphazard with the grenade launcher and rocket launcher in very close proximity which leaves some of the map un-used.

Item placement that was good tho was the red armour and lightning gun. Sure you had to walk down a million mile hallway to get to them but the reward is worth it. On the whole a *just* below average DM map that shows promise from the author.

2.5 out of 5.0

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#1. What impressed me was... ^

by Paul - Monday 19th March 2001 @ 6:02pm (

...the scale of the outdoor area. I thought that looked pretty cool. Dunno how it plays though since I've errr.. not played it.

#2. I liked it.. ^

by Jay - Tuesday 20th March 2001 @ 10:33am (

But then, I've liked all of Jeff's maps (even tho they *always* get cut down here).

I beta tested both this and his q3dm6 conversion. I really liked the layout of this one..very unconventional.
Jeff's definitely got some skill - I bet we're going to see some great stuff come out of this guy soon as long as he doesn't get discouraged ;P

#3. Download. ^

by Rotpig - Wednesday 21st March 2001 @ 10:04am (

Is anyone else having trouble with getting this map? every time I try to get it, only half the zip gets home.

#4. re : Download ^

by paul - Wednesday 21st March 2001 @ 1:50pm (

Its on MPQ now. Try from here.

#5. my thoughts... ^

by Drannerz - Wednesday 21st March 2001 @ 3:30pm (


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