1-on-1 players | Reviewed by DaZ - Monday 19th February 2001 @ 1:00pm

having never seen a map by QurneL before I was unsure what to expect when I loaded up IKA. What I got was a great little map that was brilliant fun to play. The style is IKbase and it has been used to good effect here as the screenshots will show you...

Clean texturing, subtle curves and adequete lighting come together to produce a good looking map with low R_speeds and high fun for all involved. The Layout is all based around one large main atrium with connecting corridors and small rooms around it. Going up or down floors is made easy by lifts and teleporters but there are always staircases, should you be blocked off or want a strole...

Gameplay is great fun either as a 1v1 or 2 - 4 player FFA. The tight layout and great positioning of items and weapons means that if you dont check those corners you will wind up fish food in no time. As always the "hard arse" area is the bottom floor of the main atrium as there is always rockets, grenades and random nails flying around down there... Not a good place to be unless you have the skillz...

If you are looking for a great little map with bucketloads of gameplay that will run on pretty much any system without trouble then this is the one for you. The only real downsides to the map are that the lighting is a little on the boring side with no real definition of shadows or spotlights and (as some people might say) it uses the IKbase tetxure set. personally I love the textures but some people have just been bored by them and there extensive use... All in all a great little arena.

(At time of writing there is no Omi-bot route available, but when it is ready I will add it to the review)

3.5 out of 5.0

Download 392Kb - 776 downloads | readme | Kornel 'QurneL' Paszkowski | Author Site

#31. Bilirubin chickened out of the title writing co ^

by Bilirubin - Thursday 1st March 2001 @ 9:48pm (

Cross posting at its worst. Can't wait to see how high the flames rise after the review...*rolls eyes*

#32. Why? ^

by MutantBunny - Thursday 8th March 2001 @ 9:08pm (

Whats wrong with worldcraft?????

#33. doh ^

by DaZ - Thursday 8th March 2001 @ 9:32pm (

"If its not Worldcraft 1.6 then thats something you are doing wrong already"

So if it IS worldcraft 1.6 then thats good :)
There is nothing wrong with WC, its the best Q1 editor out (imo)

#34. oh sorry ^

by MutantBunny - Monday 12th March 2001 @ 1:40pm (

guess i wasn't payin' attention =)

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