Circle Strafe

1 on 1 players | Reviewed by DaZ - Friday 9th February 2001 @ 4:05pm

Ok, fullbright Un-vised box map time lads. What we have here is a classic "Should never have seen the light of day" type map. We all know the ones... At first glance I never noticed the gaping holes in the walls that lead out into the void, or the nasty custom textures, but I did notice the horribly fullbright lighting. My mind was telling me that the map was not lit OR vised at all but after a while of searching around (and finding more leaks) I eventually found what could be called "a shadow".

The layout comprised of a box in the middle of the map with a circular corridor running around it, this corridor is linked to the box in the middle via corridors every 90 degrees. The map is all on one level and thus no vertical fighting at all, the only way your going to get on top of your opponent on this map is to Rocket jump onto his head...

Combat is dull and uninterresting thanks to the lack of cover, Z-axis support and lighting. Weapons and items seem to be just spread around for good measure with only the rocket launcher in the central area making any sense...

On a finishing note, some advice for the author. If you are going to release a map then make sure it is fully vis'ed and lighted BEFORE you upload it. Badly made / Un'vised maps run very poorly and generally show YOU up as a bad mapper... This map would have been greatly improved if there was more than one level to play on and lighting was much better.

0.5 out of 5.0

Download 157Kb - 554 downloads | readme | Dale | Author Site

#1. ToadWarrior doesn't like titles ^

by ToadWarrior - Friday 9th February 2001 @ 7:28pm (


#2. well, uhh ^

by mal - Friday 9th February 2001 @ 10:03pm (

some of the textures were aligned, weren't they?

#3. Now... ^

by Rotpig - Saturday 10th February 2001 @ 12:06am (

With a little more work here and there, this map wouldnt be so bad. Even tho the layout is TOTALLY symettrical, it does have something going for it. (half of Id Q3A maps are symettrical in nature, not that this is a good thing)

I noticed that when you play with bots, they almost ALWAYS get stuck in walls when they respawn which is VERY shite.

Sorry Daz but I just have to agree with you on this one :)

#4. Yes, ok... I know it was bad. ^

by SulSeeker - Saturday 10th February 2001 @ 10:33pm (

But this was a little map I constructed for a LAN party with some friends of mine. We actually had some fun with it, tho the gaps in the walls were due to the editor (Qoole 2.50.) As for the full bright, it was the lights were too bright, it was vis'ed.

Working harder tho, it's a learning experiment. I promise my next one WILL be better (alog with some sort of vertical fighting, I just don't have a good grasp of triggers... yet.)

#5. Need a tester? ^

by Rotpig - Sunday 11th February 2001 @ 8:26am (

Sulseeker, if you need someone to thrash out your maps and help you tweak 'em, I'm your man.

Send me any maps you have at beta stage.

#6. Same old story... ^

by XeNoN - Tuesday 13th February 2001 @ 5:29pm (

"But this was a little map I constructed for a LAN party with some friends of mine. "

I've seen that excuse before, with "perpnrg" by Satanix. There's nowt wrong with making and uploading substandard maps for private use, but try making a decent one before you unleash it on Paul and da crew here at mpq.

#7. respec' ^

by Drannerz - Wednesday 14th February 2001 @ 1:13pm (

Damn right xenon...I hate the old "but it's just a little map I knocked together in a few minutes, it wasn't meant to be good" excuse


#8. Well... ^

by BlackPope - Wednesday 14th February 2001 @ 4:24pm (

Well you can't get testy about someone releasing a map of pure shyte (no offense)to mpq, as the point is to review all QDM maps no matter the quality...It's a great way for learning mappers to gain input, ideas, and general help all around... er uh, where was I...If only top notch maps were reviewed at MPQ... we wouldn't need any rating system would we? Or it would be rated out of 2!
or like a cheesy western "Good , Bad, or Ugly"

(I'm still alive, tho my cpu is fuxx0rd, I shall not be very active until I aquire my new one )


#9. Blackpope! :) ^

by Fern - Thursday 15th February 2001 @ 3:08am (

I thought of you when I played this map: It's not a f*cking box. It's not two f*cking boxes. It's five f*cking boxes.

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