The Ravage

2-4 players | Reviewed by Paul - Thursday 25th January 2001 @ 5:21pm

Headshot inspired map from Parboil. The main wall texture is definitely over used and really looks too busy when repeated as much as it is. The layout is pretty small and compact, or maybe that should be cramped and tight. The scale seems somehow wrong and could definitely do with enlarging.

Weaponry is very heavy, and could have done without the RL's. It would have worked perfectly well with LG's and GL's. In 1-on-1 kills came in quick spurts, with the lead occasionally swapping. The GL when used in FFA was plain vicious (especially when Quaded).

And that brings me to my main niggle with the map, which is the Quad. Its placing is very obvious (underneath a stair case) and easy to get to and certainly made the game more random than it would have been. I would dread hearing someone pick it up because I would know that very shortly I'd be a pile of gibs, almost regardless of where I was in the map.

2.5 out of 5.0

Download 216Kb - 1065 downloads | readme | Alexey 'ParboiL' Pakhomov | Author Site

#1. Anyone mention that the pictures are fooked... ^

by Paul - Thursday 25th January 2001 @ 5:40pm (

...and I shall kiiiill you. I'm working on a fix to it now.

#2. The pictures are f00ked. ^

by Shambler - Thursday 25th January 2001 @ 5:47pm (


#3. Headshot Ripped ^

by Rotpig - Thursday 25th January 2001 @ 7:12pm (

I suppose that mimicry is the highest form of flattery?

#4. Accually Rotpig... ^

by Scampie - Thursday 25th January 2001 @ 11:08pm (

Almost a year+'s worth of maps were direct rips of what Headshot and Danimal did in DaPak. Headshot must be used to have his styles ripped by now. =

#5. I have new URL !!! ^

by ParboiL - Monday 26th February 2001 @ 8:29am (

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