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2-5 players | Reviewed by Paul - Tuesday 16th January 2001 @ 3:41pm

SleepwalkR's first exploration into Quake mapping keeps things simple. The layout is heavily interconnected meaning its very close action. I wasn't exactly sure where the textures were from but a quick question to Sleep confirmed that the brick textures are from the urban blood fest KingPin, the metal panelling and roof bars a mixture of the aforementioned and Quake 2 and the square item pads are custom made for this map. The theme works well, the worn unpainted brick work decorates the lower floor where as on the top deck its either all white brick or a combination of the two.

The very solid brushwork Sleepy used in his previous Quake 2 maps is obviously apparent and mixed with the gritty texturing gives the map a believable look, if that's possible with a Quake map :).

The weapon load is on the heavy side with 4 GL's, 2 LG's, 2 RL's and a 2 SNG's. There is plenty of ammo to back them up so you'll not be running around light. A foursome in FFA was pretty good, if you can cope with the constant action. 1-on-1 seems to suit better and there are few predominant spots in the map that can be controlled nicely to give you the upper hand.

One of the problems I found was that if you can only play the map with bots then you're not going to have much fun. There are a couple of deep sections of water, one of which leads to an opening into a small chamber containing the Quad, and the other contains a GL. I'm a little unsure as to why there is the deep water section around the GL, it doesn't serve any particular purpose, other than to perhaps cushion your fall if you drop down from above. Personally I would have done that area like where one of the LG's is, all the surrounding water as shallow pools. The section around the Quad is fair enough, since it's a sufficient deterrent for people and an easy way to slow down someone's escape when they do have it.

Skorpion provides a route with the map so their behaviour is somewhat improved so they don't just dive straight in for a swim. They do like going for the Quad and then got stuck, so you can nip in and drop some 'nades down for an easy frag.

4.0 out of 5.0

Download 481Kb - 728 downloads | readme | Kristian Duske aka SleepwalkR | Author Site

#31. Speedy ^

by SleepwalkR - Sunday 8th April 2001 @ 10:21am (

Thanks for your nice words man =)
I'm really glad that you like the level, and as usual, I'd be pleased by some demos of you and your buds playing the level...

Thanks again


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