Somewhere in the north

2 to 4 players | Reviewed by paul - Friday 15th December 2000 @ 3:44pm

With the festive season just around the corner it is nice to have something that at least shows signs of snow. All open-air sections have a layer of snow on the ground and snowdrifts are scattered about in corners and up against walls in the corridors. I thought the combination of both solid blocks of snow and func_illusionary sections that allow you to walk through them was a real nice touch. There is one particular L shaped section of the map where by you literally sink down in to it, up to your waist.

The harsh grey stonewalls against the dark brown metal panelling works well together enhance the feeling of it being cold. Icicles dangle down from roof edges that are exposed to the open-air atriums. (Btw Fern, it was Hotcakes who first used the tufted grass effect, not Pingu :P). And these aren't textures either, they've been properly created. The brushwork as whole is excellent. The adjoining corridors look really cool, what with the stone cladding at the bottom which intercepted by metal panelling and then the curved ceiling textured in a mixed metal colour (which I think was used as floor texture in Baldm8).

Stacks of wooden crates and boxes have been used to make for quick escape routes, but easily give away what you're doing. Weapons and various other goodies have been placed in front of some of the teleporters as to, again, give away your position.

Lighting is generally subdued and the spots lights show up extremely well on white snow sections. The layout is fairly spread out across 3 atriums connected in an almost diagonal line. A lot of the linking is done via corridors, which whilst isn't a bad thing did tend to slow the game up a little.

In 1-on-1 it wasn't fast and rapid, more paced and gradual. 4 in FFA was faster, but I actually enjoyed duelling more.

As an extra treat, if you start the map in SP you'll be created by a graffiti style message of "Merry Xmas" in a hidden circular room which teleporters you off into the map proper. If you stand around for to long though, a message of "Nah… Chicken and Cheater! :)" appears on screen. There is also another message in one of atriums near the sky that tells you that it's a bit cold…

Note : I haven't tried the map out in software Quake, but I've read that the snow texture looks pretty bad. In GLQuake however it looks fine.

4.5 out of 5.0

Download 325Kb - 918 downloads | readme | Kornel [QurneL] Paszkowski | Author Site

#11. ... ^

by Fern - Friday 15th December 2000 @ 1:14pm (



#12. Err, ^

by Paul - Friday 15th December 2000 @ 2:45pm (

whats so fucking funny?

#13. Skleros ^

by Paul - Friday 15th December 2000 @ 2:47pm (

The posts above explain why your link doesn't work. Shambler had the same problem.

#14. SUX ^

by Cromwell - Saturday 16th December 2000 @ 4:02am (

Qurnel ! Jaka zaloba Q3rules

#15. ahhhhhhhh ^

by Drannerz - Wednesday 20th December 2000 @ 6:48pm (


Panic, don't know what everyone is talking about. PANIC...RUN AROUND

Drannerz (panic)

#16. help ^

by FRAGGER - Friday 22nd December 2000 @ 8:01pm (

i know this has nothing to do witht the subject
but how do i make shadows like i saw in this map i am new to map making and im currently working on my house as a quake map and i plan on submitting it into here so if someone could help me PLZ DO SO!!!?

#17. help ^

by FRAGGER - Friday 22nd December 2000 @ 8:05pm (

this is also off subject but when i play on a server i get 4000 ping and when i play on my other online games i get like 200 ping
i am asking for someones help to help me fix this problem
i wanna play quake badly and i cant play with 4000 ping
additional information: when i try restarting my computer freezes and whenever i connect to internet and then disconnect and then reconnect my connection freezes
oh and also i dont want any reply's from foriegn ppl who cant speak english :)
(no offense) but thanx in advance

#18. Try using QuakeWorld ^

by GrindSpire - Saturday 23rd December 2000 @ 3:22am (

You can get it off of PQ's file page here.

A just a word of caution, if you are making your house and more importantly, submitting it for review, your house better have been designed for DM play.

#19. priceless... ^

by rotpig - Tuesday 2nd January 2001 @ 7:16pm (

Where does this guy live? Let's all go round and have a rocket match, shall we? Just as long as the kitchen aint too cramped...

#20. ahhh ^

by Kayin - Wednesday 3rd January 2001 @ 3:28pm (

nice and refreshing change from the norm. i like it. it's like a wet rag after eating a sticky sandwich... quite satisfyin'!

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