WAsterS DooM

2 to 8 players | Reviewed by Fat Controller - Monday 11th December 2000 @ 4:50am

It's a box. A nice box, perhaps: one large hall with raised walkways along the sides, big sweeping staircase and cramped dungeony things on one end and a balcony at the other. Texturing seems to be a mixture of just about anything the maker could get his mitts on - metal, medieval, Rogue, Zerstörer... Basically feels like a mess. Lighting is fairly bland and unimpressive.

Up to eight nutters can rampage around and most action centers about the centrally placed RL, right on that staircase. Nailguns and a grenade launcher are the only other weaponry, along with one yellow and one green armour.

But it's messy, a bit slow in the main hall, and a box. Or maybe I get bored quick.

2.0 out of 5.0

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#1. hmmm..... ^

by DaZ - Monday 11th December 2000 @ 2:35pm (

by the looks of things the author has got a fair bit of knowledge and understanding of brushes. The curved borders around the staircase and arched doors prove this. He just needs to focus a lot more on the actual design and layout of the whole thing. Box's = bo||ox. I'm sure he could do a lot better with time and practice. one to looks out for I think...

#2. boxes...mmmmmm ^

by Drannerz - Monday 11th December 2000 @ 2:55pm (

reminds me of the stuff I used to make...

Drannerz 8¬]

#3. lol ^

by Asriel - Monday 11th December 2000 @ 3:19pm (

heheh i made a box level once!!

#4. heh, boxes. ^

by Fern - Monday 11th December 2000 @ 5:52pm (

I wonder if anyone still has my real first DM level. It wasn't a box, it was five boxes and two hallways. It was inspired by the pits of carnage from Ultima Underworld with four elemental theme arenas. I wonder if that could actually be worked into a playable map? :)

#5. Yeah... laugh ^

by excessus - Tuesday 26th December 2000 @ 8:09pm (

u sux

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