The Longest Yard

2 to 10 players | Reviewed by Paul - Wednesday 3rd January 2001 @ 9:20am

Jeer…jerrr…jerrrk…jerkyyy...jerky. Its slow, very slow. R_Speeds aren't exactly killer at around the 800-1000 mark but it ran really badly for some reason. In full screen at 800x600 most of the air jumps are impossible since it runs at such a crap frame rate. Windowed it does run better but there is still this vague slowness to the proceedings. To be perfectly honest I've never played a map before that was this slow and I think I can say it isn't my set up that's the problem here (p3-450 256Mb, 32Mb GeForce, more than enough to run Quake with).

Again this is a fair recreation of the original and from the two comparison screen shots you'll actually notice little different.

Unfortunately, due to the aforementioned slowness it's practically unplayable. It also isn't as much fun. The railgun that was perched on the remote platform was a pretty cool sniping spot but now its just redundant. There is a LG there but it hardly has the reach to hit anyone on the mainland.

I personally think this is one map that shouldn't have been converted. I'm not a fan of space style maps and I don't think the Quake engine is either, since it can't handle the huge open space, which this map basically is.

0.5 out of 5.0

Download 1274Kb - 555 downloads | readme | Jeff McWhorter | Author Site

#1. Ugh ^

by ToadWarrior - Wednesday 3rd January 2001 @ 10:04pm (

I think that's the version of q3dm17 that I played before. It's ass and that's unfortunate since q3dm17 0wnz.

I think Q3dm17 can be done well in Q1. It's just a shame no one's done it yet. :(

#2. attn ^

by Kayin - Thursday 4th January 2001 @ 1:22am (

if i ever see brushes that resemble a quake three "arena" running via one "glquake.exe" i will be forced to kill said author with large, sharp, icky poking stick. that is all.

#3. LAME ^

by rotpig - Friday 5th January 2001 @ 9:48pm (

somebody tell this fucker to post some files that aren't broke. How does he expect people to play his maps if he puts up corrupt zips?

#4. ! ^

by MutantBunny - Tuesday 13th March 2001 @ 3:28pm (

It would have been alot better if the jumpads actually worked all the time, and if you didn't take falldameage when they work

#5. Whats the problem ^

by Frog - Sunday 8th July 2001 @ 3:23pm (

I cant get the rail gun thing to work but so what the actual leval runs on my p200 helps to run -winmem 100 before it though the level plays fine and cos it is a q3 level you would have to totaly change quake 1 to make it play like q3 which seems a bit stupid to me. So stop winging and start playing its going to my LAN party.

ps bots dont like it much lol!

#6. shit maps forever ^

by code red - Tuesday 21st August 2001 @ 11:22pm (

you guy can't look at this map see it suxs before you d/l lafff

#7. jump pads in q1 ^

by remnent - Wednesday 16th January 2002 @ 2:21pm (

I'm just glad I can play a q3 space map in q1 !! I would love to see more space maps- they don't have to be this huge if q1 doesn't like large spaces. I don't notice the r_speeds as I am on a P133 and have to run at 320x200 anyway.

I would LOVE to see Q3tourney6 redone!! (veryendofyou)

Keep it up Jeff, but maybe offer high and low rez textures...

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