Attack Vector

1-on-1, 3-ffa players | Reviewed by Paul - Wednesday 6th December 2000 @ 5:11pm

This is an impressive first map from CardO. Borrowing one or two Quake 2 textures gives the map an industrial gritty feel. It's heavily grey and brown coloured what with the diamond brown floor tiling and pseudo-indented grey wall panelling. Its not all doom and gloom though there is a dash of greenery, which can be seen in the maps only outdoor section.

I do feel though that there is too much variation in the texturing. There are two short corridor sections decorated out in efdm12 style textures which looks plain odd given how the rest of the map looks. And I seem to remember one of the maps testers mentioning this to CardO… wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more. There are also a couple of dodgy looking textures, and unfortunately some of the alignment isn't up to scratch when the textures at different floor levels meet up. That said if you look at the patterns on these adjoining textures it would be impossible to match them up without putting in some kind of joining texture.

Anyway, there are 2 main sections to the map, both of which can be seen in the screen shots dotted about the review. The huge tubular construction you see in the indoor area is open for people to dive into and then to be hurtled at a great rate of knots through a barrage of tubing out into the outdoor area of the map from the gapping hole on the right, across to the platform containing the Quad. It's definitely a novel feature, and an extremely nice way of connecting the map up.

Not that connectivity is a problem here. Far from it. Everything seems scaled right, there's plenty of space to jiggle about in and lots of shortcuts to be taken. Rjumping is a big help here and certainly cuts down on travelling time. Along with lots and lots and lots of steps and staircases are teleporters, and the odd wind tunnel.

Lighting is ok. Most of the indoor lighting is bright enough, but outside, it's a different story. There are a couple of dark patches, which make it a little hard to spot other players sometimes.

And speaking of players, the aforementioned openness of the map makes it a riot to play. One of my favourite duelling moments was running backwards around the open wind tunnel in the indoor area whilst blasting rockets back at my opponent. Then dodging back and forth around it, dropping 'nades and waiting for the death shower of gibs to appear.

Again, this is another FFA kinda map. Teamplay would no doubt work, but I didn't try it out.

3.5 out of 5.0

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#21. First map? ^

by GrindSpire - Sunday 10th December 2000 @ 2:18pm (

What about DanzDM1?

/me grins evily at CardO

/me licks Rachel

#22. First map??? ^

by Drannerz - Sunday 10th December 2000 @ 2:27pm (

Paul, what about DranzDM1??
It was alright as first maps go, but I wouldn't say it's as good as CardDM1.
I guess it's debatable, but only just.

Drannerz 8¬]

#23. I didn't say DranzDM1 ^

by GrindSpire - Sunday 10th December 2000 @ 2:37pm (

I said DanzDM1, CardO knows what I mean =)

#24. I laugh in your face! ^

by CardO - Sunday 10th December 2000 @ 9:43pm (

hehe.. Paul said first Released map.. and as i didn't really release danzdm1 then it don't count boy =P but when i get my site up u'll be able to get it from there Grind as i know how much u love it and all.. =o)

#25. D'oh <> ^

by Drannerz - Monday 11th December 2000 @ 3:00pm (

Oh fuck it.
I publicly sandpaper my ass as penance for my horrible lack of vision and general inability to read properly.

Drannerz 8¬[

#26. fix the code some one... ^

by Drannerz - Monday 11th December 2000 @ 3:05pm (

in the title to the previous e-mail the word "slap" should appear within a double set of ickle brackety things (action marks).
emphasis on the word should.
Some one sort it.

Drannerz 8¬]

#27. Errrrrmmmm, no ^

by Paul - Tuesday 12th December 2000 @ 8:15am (

you fix it.

#29. «slap spank smack» ^

by Fern - Tuesday 12th December 2000 @ 3:25pm (

next time use comillas!

~„ųµ® /VŖ§+ė®

#30. congratulations card0... ! ^

by excessus - Tuesday 12th December 2000 @ 4:54pm (

... and remember that now you are prepared for the Real Thing: QUAKE 3!

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