Pretty Hate Machine

4-6 players players | Reviewed by Paul - Monday 11th December 2000 @ 3:13pm

The Gomdm series has been has always given intense playing and different styled map every time, and unfortunately gomdm4, isn't quite as good.

The theme is Quake 2 Strogg base, set both indoor and outdoor. The map is made up of two indoor areas and one nighttime outdoor section. This time around the layout is more spacious and spread out, and to my mind certainly not as quick playing as the last two Quake based incarnations in the series. It's probably down to the overly long corridor sections used to hook up the map.

Item placement could also have been improved. I didn't quite see the point in the LG being placed in the lowest part of one of the main atriums. I thought it would be much better placed on the highest floor so you could nail opponents from up high.

There is also an oddly placed teleporter (the maps only one in fact), which drops you out in an underground room containing an RL and in easy reach of the MH. Maybe if there had been more about, then it might not have looked so lonely, and probably would have helped connectivity.

That aside, it stills plays well. 1-on-1 is out of the question but 4 to 6 FFA will have the juices flowing nicely.

4.0 out of 5.0

Download 319Kb - 843 downloads | readme | Gom Jabbar | Author Site

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