Rcdm9 - Mortuus Simplex

1-on-1 players | Reviewed by Paul - Thursday 9th November 2000 @ 4:57pm

Rorshach's "Jackboot" textures decorate this small compact map from the lovable Fat Controller. Grit, grime and graffiti scar the dark marble green brick walls whilst pictures of Blade Runner adorn the lumbering column in centre of the map. Grand curved archways (as you can see in the screenies) hold up the outer ring of corridors.

The layout is a central room with a corridor running around it that has two teleporters in which drop you off on the upper floor of the main area. Held up here are an RL and GL with an RA and MH slid nicely in alcoves, which can either be accessed via jumping from the central column or tippy toeing around the slanted edge rail, which isn't the speedy way of doing things.

As FC puts it, it's "a boring old "Dead Simple" remake!" So ok, it isn't a particularly brilliant layout but it is certainly a cool map to play. You're kept on your toes constantly with little time to drop your guard and cool off. In fact when you do get fragged (and it does happen) it comes as a relief. Whilst RotPig's rpdm9 was a tense map to play, it was still fun at the same time. This however is a different kettle of fish altogether, there is nowhere to hide and at times it can get unbearable.

1-on-1 though, is nothing compared to FFA. Utter chaos is the best description I can come up with. Give up all hopes of keeping track of everyone, just be single minded and head for the nearest noise with guns at the ready.

3.5 out of 5.0

Download 711Kb - 695 downloads | readme | Fat Controller | Author Site

#1. Feh ^

by Fat Controller - Friday 10th November 2000 @ 2:23am (

One of the problems I had with these texture sets is that I had little to no clue on how these textures were used by Ror in the original Jackboot. (Whatever happened to the Q1 and Q3 ports BTW?)

As a result, I probably hamstrung myself by thinking that I *had* to use the large brick wall textures somewhere - and they're not that easy to use. End result - bullet holes in my sneaker soles.

Nowadays I suspect that the large brick wall textures are best used for outside walls. I'll have to keep all that in mind when trying again next year.

#2. Scampie doesn't like titles ^

by Scampie - Tuesday 14th November 2000 @ 3:34pm (

I had fun on this map the first time playing it. After that it quickly become "bla"

But it looks f00kin great Fatty!

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