Safe2 - Walk the Walk

2 to 8 players | Reviewed by Paul - Wednesday 15th November 2000 @ 2:18pm

If you've played Stecki's Peace & Love Incorporated or The Ministry of Love by Fat Controller (there's a lot of love involved in these maps) then you'll instantly recognise the style used here.

Like ziffon's last map, it's an ickle, compact map for duelling. The styling doesn't have the same flair as other maps in this setting but its still good. The layout is evil in its design, and like Instant Impact it is instantly playable and gives a quick and fast game. Teleporters play an important part in transporting you about the map, and you can be quickly pounced upon by someone's arrival if you're not watching.

The MH is again placed in what looks like a slightly out of range position, but either creeping along a thin wall trim or jumping across will get you it. The rest of the items are in central spots in the middle of areas or corridors.

It's nice for a quick and dirty 1-on-1 game.

4.0 out of 5.0

Download 242Kb - 716 downloads | no readme | ziffon / iKEA aka J├Ârgen Stenkvist | Author Site

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