hjdm3 catfish

2 to 5 players | Reviewed by Paul - Sunday 5th November 2000 @ 9:07am

Carrying on from his previous Quake 2 inspired maps BigFoot returns with a map in the same vein.

The dreaded "warehouse with stacks of broken boxes" makes an unwelcome return, but if you've gotta fill up a map then if it works for id etc. To be perfectly honest the two areas that contained them could have done without them because all they do is impair movement when you're strafing and dodging.

There are some advances in brushwork and the architecture here is better than his previous work, such as the partly sunken floor in the RL room, ala Frib in this efdm work.

The teleporter design is, unfortunately, a direct copy of BigFoot's last map, which looks a little boring now. A circular column of cyan slime with a concrete lid, top and bottom. Something more in tune with the surrounding would have been better. Whilst I'm complaining, I have to mention the lighting, which is as flat as a pancake. Yes, there are slightly shaded spots but its just flat, flat, flat. Someone who was watching whilst I played said "is that map f**king lit or you running some in an editor?" Say no more

The actual layout isn't too bad, navigating around is very easy (disregarding the crates obviously). There are a couple of odd nooks and crannies, like under a stair case, but nothing major.

Peeps wise, I'd say 1-on-1, but FFA makes it better purely because the Quad pickup isn't so easy (unless you camp out for it).

2.0 out of 5.0

Download 510Kb - 525 downloads | readme | BIGFooT_47 | Author Site

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