DaMaul7 - Temple of Tanktarta

4 vs 4 players | Reviewed by Paul - Wednesday 18th October 2000 @ 1:39pm

DaMaul has always been known for his detailed and flamboyant architecture in his previous work. So whenever a map from him arrives you know it will at least look good. The setting this time around is chunky and almost medieval, with the texturing made up of red and grey brick walls intercepted with cream trims and wall supports. There are 4 sizable areas melding together with an undergrowth of wide corridors.

These areas all seem to funnel downwards giving an amazing sense of scale and depth. Towers with blue stained glass windows loom up above and the angular walls of the upper levels making things look even bigger than they already are. It's a bizarre feeling you get, its almost as if the player has skrunk in size. All 4 atriums are opened up to the heavens, but the green cloud layer above seems to blocking out the light, because hi-tech strip lighting provides nearly all of the illumination.

The layout is cunningly simple once you've wandered around a few of times. You can actually break it down quite simply. There is a podium-based area that has a RA and MH in, whilst the biggest outdoor section has a RL on the mid level with a YA placed on platform set just above a pit of molten lava. The other two areas contain a GL and RL respectively. Cruising between the first two should keep you in good stead, but its worth keeping tabs on that second RL simply because of teleporter in there that means people can quickly drop in for it.

DaMaul recommends teamplay and 4v4 is a good starting point. Playing with bots in teamplay isn't particularly brilliant unfortunately, but with other peeps I can see it being a blast since there are some points in the map that can be very strategically blocked. FFA with the same number of bots though seems to work quite nicely.

Any niggles? Well a couple. There are one or two camping spots in the map up high and funnily enough you can touch the sky. Some kind of clipping around these top sections would have been nice. The other is the water flow that acts as ladder upwards in one of the atriums, but to be honest it was a pain in the arse getting up it. The bots however didn't have any problems it would appear.

The review wouldn't be complete without mentioning the cunning placement of the Quad. In the upper area that contains the RL and YA, is a switch that pushes out a three-tongued platform that will give you enough space to hop across into a caged section containing a Quad. Nice!

4.5 out of 5.0

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