One Must Fall

2 - 4 players | Reviewed by GrindSpire - Sunday 15th October 2000 @ 3:47pm

What do you get if you cross DaPak with a run down industrial area and then add in some hints that the entire thing is inside a natural cave? The answer is QurneL’s new map ‘One Must Fall’.

The layout is based around a 3 floor central atrium with a ring of small rooms and corridors running around it. The title refers to the large drop that is present on the bottom floor. This drop definitely adds to the gameplay as you are constantly watching where you are jumping in case you fall to your death. It is also possible to knock an opponent backward over the edge to their doom. The different levels are linked by lifts, stairs and the DaPak style A frame teleporters. There is more than a little bit of DM4 about the level with the lava being replaced by a gaping chasm and there is also a rocket launcher and red armour area with the only way out being via a teleporter. This isn’t a bad thing though as the level ends up being much more than a DM4 clone. Another thing that deserves mentioning is the mega health corridor, the fact that the gate launches you back into the centre of things but prevents someone quickly grabbing the mega health in the heat of battle is a great idea. It also means that if you see someone go after the mega health you can send a quick rocket at them as the try to jump the gap, knocking them back into the void.

Items are well placed with enough weapons to keep everyone happy and the weapons are generally placed where they will be useful. The grenade launcher is on a balcony overlooking the main atrium. The lightning gun is in the outer ring where it will be most useful and the rocket launchers are positioned so that it is easy to get from them to the heart of the fighting. Ammo is well distributed so although you won’t be running around with full ammo all of the time, you don’t run out every 10 seconds either. There is usually the right ammo for a weapon lying next to it and if there isn’t, it isn’t far to go to get some. Health is plentiful and there is a mega health near to the centre of the map. Armour is well placed with only a green armour in the main atrium, forcing you to go into the outer corridors to get anything better.

The texturing on the map uses an unusual combination, the top and bottom floors I done in mouldy brick work and look like a run down industrial area, on the other hand the middle level uses a DaPak style base theme contrasting with the grime of the other two layers. The two different themes work surprisingly well together and combine to produce a unique effect. There is also the occasional bit of exposed rock on the ground floor and combined with the drop and the rocks around the sky hole at the top give the impression that the entire area is build in a natural cave, an old military store perhaps. There is enough detail such as air vents set into the walls and crates left around to help set the scene without getting in the way of gameplay.

Lighting on this map is very well done with the central area nicely lit by the sky above providing a fairly uniform level of light. If you stray into the outer areas though you will find that they are darker with pools of light from the fixtures providing a contrast to the dark surrounding them. The lighting really fits the theme of this map and adds rather than detracts from the overall atmosphere of some kind of abandoned area. The drop in the central atrium is pitch black, further adding to its foreboding appearance.

QurneL recommends that this map is for 1 on 1 play, but I think it works just as well with 3 or 4 players as it does with 2, although 5 starts to get a bit too many.

4.0 out of 5.0

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