UKPAK3 - The Stagnant Base

4 on 4 players | Reviewed by Paul - Monday 1st March 1999 @ 2:05pm

his is certainly one of the most interesting looking maps in the pak. Its full of architectural highlights. No area seems to overlooked. There were so many spots that could easily have made good screenshots for you to look at, I think what I've picked though is pretty good. Of course nice architecture usually comes at the price of high R_Speeds. Thats not the case. I didn't have any R_Speeds over 500. The majority are pretty low which is impressive.

There is the odd, wierd bit of architecture, such as where the Quad is, but this all adds to maps unique look.

In the room with the RA (see fourth screenshot) the area below is a little cramped. The bottom of the staircase looks a bit messy and busy. I got stuck on a couple of bits of architecture, but Kable told me that was because I was clumsy bastard and not a problem with the map. Actually I think Kable rigged something, I'd get stuck and he wouldn't. Hmmmm....

Sound is good. A little more varied than the previous maps. Theres the usual rushing wind noise, but theres also some bubbling water and some people whispering. No problems with lighting here, its pretty well lit. Most of the map is indoors and I couldn't spot anything odd with the lighting.

Play was scattered over all the map. The busiest area was where the hidden yellow armour was kept. The bots would be repeatedly belting the wall to get the thing. See the above screenshot to see what I mean. The main problem I found was that some rooms were cramped and a little small. Sometimes you'd be running backwards whilst dodging gunfire. Also if you got hit by a rocket or grenade you'd be bouncing of the walls.

The 4 on 4 game is good. 3 on 3 is just as good. More than that and its a little too much.

4.0 out of 5.0

Download 3600Kb - 465 downloads | readme | DaMaul aka John McCann | no author site

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