APDM2 - The Underground Base

8-20 Players players | Reviewed by Paul - Monday 21st December 1998 @ 2:16pm

Another map in the AP series whose name fits its setting. You really do get the impression that this an underground base. I feel though it may be a little plain as regarding detail, unlike his previous map. You can put this down to fact though that the player load is a lot more than APDM1.

A constant feature of the AP maps is the use of hidden rooms. APDM5 had some of these and just like in that map you can't actually tell where they are. They blend in with the environment so have to really examine the map in detail to find them. This can give an unfair advantage to players who know, but its not a big problem.

As previously mentioned the player load is *BIG* so prepared for the bodies to really pile up. Play is scattered thoughout the map so you could spend ages just fighting in one part of the map. Theres not enough ammo to keep up this number of players. Its a good map but it doesn't play as well as APDM1.

3.5 out of 5.0

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