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by Paul - Saturday 5th December 1998 @ 6:56pm (

This weeks Quake reviews are up.

Quake 2 deathmatch maps can now be submitted, go to the "Submit Levels" page for more details.

If you missed last weeks reviews, they are now on the old reviews page. I've also changed the layout slightly.

About Half-Life and Sin DM. Sin is a no go for me, I don't have it. I'm unsure about Half-Life reviews. I played HL DM and found it to be little boring...

Two more featured authors, Mr Fribbles and XL Prodigy. Peej has updated his interview, so go take a peek at that. I'm running to the end of this now, any suggestions for more authors, email me. Just to spoil the surprise our final Featured Authors will be Danimal and Kiljoy.

Monsto has done an ickle rant, its interesting reading and should invoke a response or two =). Also theres a followup article on the rant I did last weekend. Thank you to all the people who send feedback. I've got some ideas for another rant so expect another one of them. Probably be about Half-Life, since I've finished it.

About the rants, you can submit your own rant to be put up on the site. Email me first as to what it is about and it'll go from there.

QuArK (version 5.2b) now has Sin and Half-Life support, so you can now convert your Quake maps to either game! Some mapping news, Gandhi has released Naked5, extremely good map. Theres a new Quake Single Player site opened called TEAMShambler Quake Level Reviews. Cool site, go drop by.

Also heres some news from Jakob. Mr. Fribbles has moved his page to and Retinal has got a new look on his page. Not to keen on it myself, but it looks cool none the less.

I've updated the links page. I may have forgot some, so if your link is not there, re-send it.

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