MPQ Archive now live ^

by Paul - Thursday 31st August 2006 @ 3:39pm (

The title for this post pretty much sums things up :). The welcome box above explains everything you need to know.

I'd just like to say thanks to Vondur, RPG, DaZ and Biff for feedback in developing the site. If anyone is interested in reviewing the maps on the pending list, or has any suggestions, then drop me an email.

Cheers, Paul.

P.S. First person to find Dopefish wins a cookie.

#1. yeaey! ^

by Vondur - Thursday 31st August 2006 @ 4:21pm (

we were waiting for this moment for quite some time ;) congrats pauk for bringing it back from the dead!

#2. KAPOW! ^

by Daz - Thursday 31st August 2006 @ 4:30pm (

Its up! (And stuff!)

I only just had this thought Pauk, but how much work would it be to allow all (or most) users to post reviews of maps? A community driven review site if you see what I mean, so you can just sit on your lazy arse and watch it go (heh!) ...

#3. Daz ^

by Paul - Thursday 31st August 2006 @ 4:56pm (

Certainly worth thinking about. I think users would have to be vetted beforehand though. Various things to think about too... like is map reviewed on a first come first served basis? Do we allow more than one review per map?

#4. Vondur ^

by Paul - Thursday 31st August 2006 @ 5:06pm (

Thanks :)

#5. That'd be nice. ^

by biff - Thursday 31st August 2006 @ 6:58pm (

Then all you'd need to do is edit out which reviews you'd like to use at the site -- most of the legwork done =D

#6. Lightbulb ^

by Daz - Thursday 31st August 2006 @ 7:14pm (

If you were going to do something along those lines, it would probably be best if any user could submit a review of any map they please, and then a few moderators can just click the YES button to make the review viewable by the public.

That way anyone can review any map they please and the mods can keep the quality control tight. Multiple reviews would have to be necessary I think or perhaps just do a paragraph review aka LvL and have lots of peoples paragraphs put into the maps review page.

The only real trouble is download links to maps people have reviewed. But I suppose you could just say no link = no review.

Anyway, grats on the site anyway, its great to browse through all the old but gold quake map!

#7. i found the dopefish ^

by pope - Thursday 31st August 2006 @ 8:49pm (

map -BlackPope's Mountain Getaway

authoer - jesse lawrence (haha no blackpope) yeah, chocolate chip please

#8. YAYAYAY! ^

by Spirit - Friday 1st September 2006 @ 2:32am (


#9. pope ^

by Paul - Friday 1st September 2006 @ 3:07am (

I don't see no dopefish anymore :)

(Damn case sensitive webserver, name for screenshot was in upper case, review had it in lower case, so couldn't display it...).

#10. Yay! ^

by Bal - Friday 1st September 2006 @ 5:27am (

Hurrah for Pauk!

Great work!

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