MPQ Archive now live ^

by Paul - Thursday 31st August 2006 @ 3:39pm (

The title for this post pretty much sums things up :). The welcome box above explains everything you need to know.

I'd just like to say thanks to Vondur, RPG, DaZ and Biff for feedback in developing the site. If anyone is interested in reviewing the maps on the pending list, or has any suggestions, then drop me an email.

Cheers, Paul.

P.S. First person to find Dopefish wins a cookie.

#11. Aquashark ate the title ^

by Aquashark - Friday 1st September 2006 @ 1:20pm (

cool site.. i like idea with the banner showing random maps :)

#12. Aquashark ^

by Paul - Saturday 2nd September 2006 @ 4:01am (

Thanks. Btw, each banner links through to the review of that map.

#13. /me demands a cookie ^

by Spirit - Sunday 3rd September 2006 @ 2:12pm ( :))

#14. Spirit ^

by Paul - Sunday 3rd September 2006 @ 5:31pm (

S'not there anymore :D

#15. :P ^

by Spirit - Monday 4th September 2006 @ 2:05am (

You are using us to find the missing images, heh. ;)

#16. :D ^

by Paul - Monday 4th September 2006 @ 5:08am (


#17. woah ^

by xen - Saturday 23rd September 2006 @ 9:26am (

blast from the past. nice to see this got up & running again. well maybe not running.. but up is good. am honoured to have acheived one of the coveted 5/5s here ;)

is #terrafusion still active?

#18. OMG ^

by Daz - Wednesday 27th September 2006 @ 11:04am (

Xen.... !

yeah #tf is active but its on now so change that and your rolling...

#19. stumbl'in ^

by cheshire - Wednesday 21st March 2007 @ 11:11am (

Wow... I was feeling all reminiscey and I decided to go check out some of my older map reviews on Google.

-Never- did I think that there would be this sexy site up and running with an archive of all the great maps of yesterday.

Great work Paul, it would have been a shame to let all your work over the years go to waste. I have had a blast over the last couple of days downloading some old favorites to play from almost 10 years ago against bots. Plus it was awesome being able to look at some of my earlier work again.

For a while there, the Quake Map Brat Pack were at the forefront of level design and I for one am incredibly proud to have been a part of this mapping community "back in the day".

Anyway enough rambling from me.. I might have to drop in to the above irc channel to say G'day one of these days :) Thanks again for getting this all set up Paul.


#20. First person to find Dopefish wins a cookie. ^

by Sport - Thursday 24th September 2020 @ 2:45pm (

Quake fish? Dopefish cameos in games has come full circle(sort of). With id Software's 1996 release of Quake, Dopefish makes yet another appearance! Dopefish appears in the registered version of Quake. There is a "hint" of Dopefish's appearance in the shareware episode, however. If you take the path that leads to the Nightmare difficulty level selection, and shoot the square on the wall at the end of the stairwell, you'll get a cryptic message that says "The Well of Wishes awaits in the Crypt of Decay". In the Crypt of Decay (Episode 2 Level 3 of Quake), towards the end of the level you'll come across a pathway that has lots of nails being shot out a few directions. That hallways leads to a big open area (see picture to right). If you go into the corridor that is shown in the picture to the right, and turn around, you will see a very thin walkway that leads to the area marked "In Here" in the picture. If you follow this pathway and jump into the "In Here" archway, you'll be led to the Dopefish (see picture below).

Dopefish lives! in Quake:

How to find the Dopefish in Quake (Easter egg secret). Watch the video and when it gets to about two minutes you are led to te secret path to find the Dopefish.

The Official Dopefish Home Page

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