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by Paul - Saturday 18th May 2002 @ 3:02pm (

Right, here is a list of who is doing what.

Paul... err me
Purple Haze (drazdm7)
Bruce Lee (pinion3)
GomDM5 - Herzblut

PlPak (all of them)
War for Territory (territory)
Violence 2: Dark Cello (v2dc)

Body Count (matdm2)
Full Metal Contact (fmc)

Return of the MasterMind (mmdm4d)

Bovine Intervention (bovine)
Fall of the acrid core (klzdazdm1)

The other maps are free for people to pick and if you put a note on here I'll upate the list of who is doing what.

#1. =) ^

by MisYu - Saturday 18th May 2002 @ 7:31pm (

Take a look at CardO's reviews before revelating to delete all "gay, cock, penis, fags" words ;)

/me runs

#2. LOL ^

by DaZ - Saturday 18th May 2002 @ 9:31pm (

Great, ill get some reviews done too soon as well...

#3. :D ^

by MaTi - Sunday 19th May 2002 @ 12:26pm (

At last my map will be seen by other mappers. I will score 3.5/5 (I know it :P )

#4. plpak :0 ^

by xen - Sunday 19th May 2002 @ 12:56pm (

I need sponsoring dammit!

Uhm, seriously - there are a few issues:

All of Vicious's maps give weird errors while playing them, resulting in the strangest bugs, like invisible clip walls in the middle of corridors. I can't review them because of that.

Also, since I can't do those it would be pointless doing plpak8b. Also since it's only a slight change from the original plpak8 (although it is an improvement).

Basically, I'll be fine tackling the first nine maps, but someone else will have to do the rest. If they're kept seperately (plpak and plpak-addon) then it should also cause less confusion.

#5. And finally... ^

by xen - Sunday 19th May 2002 @ 1:02pm (

For the lazy, here are the remaining maps:

BlackPope's Mechanical Womb by blackpope
Heart of pain by Ziegfried
BlackPope's Contaminated Embryo by BlackPope
Frag! Frag! (till you drop) by Jose
spdm1 - Alpha Duel by stonepony
How The Gods Kill by MaTi

I know Drannerz wrote a PQ lotw for jaj1dm2 so that shouldn't be to hard for him to tackle.

I also apologise for the poor literacy skills displayed by myself in the previous post. Hope you can somehow understand what I wrote...

#6. Xen ^

by MisYu - Sunday 19th May 2002 @ 2:18pm (

If you play PLPAK8 and PLPAK8b on QW with skilled clan/players you'll see, that changes aren't slight :P

That's anyway, coz you're probably right with doing review of only one plpak8, so keep up that =)

#7. /me hugs xen [nt] ^

by blackpope - Sunday 19th May 2002 @ 3:24pm (


#8. :) ^

by MaTi - Sunday 19th May 2002 @ 5:11pm (

Now I am happy! Xen will review my first map! Btw. MisYu - zobacz screen'y na z MatDM3!

#9. Wha? ^

by xen - Sunday 19th May 2002 @ 5:17pm (

Did I say I'd review those last lot?

Guess I'll have to now :/

#10. No, you don't need to xen ^

by Paul - Sunday 19th May 2002 @ 6:19pm (

You're doing enough reviews already, I don't want you exploding from review overload :). MaTi just got a little over excited I think.

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