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by Paul - Saturday 18th May 2002 @ 3:02pm (

Right, here is a list of who is doing what.

Paul... err me
Purple Haze (drazdm7)
Bruce Lee (pinion3)
GomDM5 - Herzblut

PlPak (all of them)
War for Territory (territory)
Violence 2: Dark Cello (v2dc)

Body Count (matdm2)
Full Metal Contact (fmc)

Return of the MasterMind (mmdm4d)

Bovine Intervention (bovine)
Fall of the acrid core (klzdazdm1)

The other maps are free for people to pick and if you put a note on here I'll upate the list of who is doing what.

#11. I demand my 'n' ^

by Drannerz* - Monday 20th May 2002 @ 8:09am (

Purple Haze (drazdm7)


#12. :P ^

by MaTi - Monday 20th May 2002 @ 9:50am (

Yeah, excited is to much... I'm just happy...

#13. Dranz! ^

by MisYu - Monday 20th May 2002 @ 2:29pm (

When will you release a new map?
I hope it won't be in next 14 months =)

#14. Lol @ misyu :) ^

by xen - Monday 20th May 2002 @ 5:25pm (

Nah it'll be much longer :p

#15. Hmmm............ ^

by Jaj - Wednesday 22nd May 2002 @ 6:47pm (

Hmmm...i've seen this map:
Frag! Frag! (till you drop) by Jose
It seems to be ok, i'm thinking of doing a review for it, that mapper.. "Jose", is promising although i should give him some advices, sure he thinks is a genious or something like that.... i'll have to teach him the right way.
Sorry Jose nothing personal, but i had to say this to you now, after will be too late.

#16. Can I help? ^

by Rotpig - Friday 24th May 2002 @ 10:10am (

If you want some help, I wouldnt mind writing a review for one of those pending...

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