5 to go ^

by Paul - Monday 13th May 2002 @ 4:03pm (

xen and Gom Jabbar have written these 5 reviews. A mixed batch of stinkers and good 'uns.
Evil spacehamsters and pink jellyfish by MutantBunny
Hatebreeder by QurneL
WerdDM2 - Cranial Dismemberment by E- werd
Unnamed (remix of yellow snow) by KrimZon
The Limbo Of Broken Ecstasies by Kim Vidal

The really odd one in the bunch is The Limbo Of Broken Ecstasies which is 5 years old, and is one of the few maps I refused to review (about 3 years ago).

If you have trouble downloading any of the maps thats because I've been unable to get proper FTP access to upload them. They will be sorted shortly.

#1. Would someone... ^

by xen - Tuesday 14th May 2002 @ 10:15am (

...like to review pinion3? I can't stand the thing.

#2. Me ^

by Paul - Tuesday 14th May 2002 @ 2:50pm (

I'll do it. I quite like it.

#3. laerth doesn't like titles ^

by laerth - Wednesday 15th May 2002 @ 12:31am (

you never reviewed Bovine Intervention, either :P

#4. Paul @ Work is afraid of typing too much ^

by Paul @ Work - Wednesday 15th May 2002 @ 4:21am (

Which map is that? (like the bsp name) The name rings a bell but I can't quite remember it.

#5. bovine.bsp ^

by laerth - Wednesday 15th May 2002 @ 4:06pm (


#6. bovine.bsp ^

by laerth - Wednesday 15th May 2002 @ 5:31pm (


#7. That's because... ^

by xen - Thursday 16th May 2002 @ 11:25am (

You never submitted it :P

I remember I thought of submitting it myself, but forgot after a while. It kind of slipped by.

#8. laerth! ^

by Scampie - Friday 17th May 2002 @ 1:26am (

go map.


#9. laerth is afraid of typing too much ^

by laerth - Friday 17th May 2002 @ 3:01pm (

ok, I submitted it.

scamp: yes sir!

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