4 weeks to go ^

by Paul - Tuesday 7th May 2002 @ 3:41pm (

xen has very kindly chipped in with some of the reviews.
MisDM12 - Terra Nova by MisYu
The Ravage II by ParboiL
Old Crater by ParboiL
Just a quick note regarding The Ravage II. It's a remake (retexturing to be more precise) of The Ravage which is a year older. I'm little bemused as to why ParboiL did it.

I now have my own personal website set up thanks to Sleepy and Vondur. There is some news on my Quake Frontend which will be out this decade. Also the #terrafusion stats have moved there.

The move to PQ is slow going. I have alot of work to do at my end before I put it on there. There is a huge amount of stuff to sort out.

#11. NPs ^

by xen - Friday 10th May 2002 @ 8:52pm (

Mmdm4d was on my list but I'm not going to complain seeing as I hadn't started on the review nor had any ideas for it. Next on my horizons include:

PLPAK - How should this be reviewed? All maps in one review with an overall score, each map individually with seperate scores, or what? It's a toughie just figuring it out.

#12. I review left overs . . . ^

by MasterMind - Friday 10th May 2002 @ 9:54pm (

I would just like to reiterate that I would review any left over maps that you guys need reviewed. Im too lazy to actually find out who is reviewing what so I will make you guys do the work =).

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