Thank you ^

by Paul - Monday 22nd April 2002 @ 2:25pm (

Thank you everyone for your kind words on here and on Qmap. It makes me feel warm and gooey (in a good way).

The state of play is as follows. The MPQ archive will be going on PlanetQuake. There is quite a bit to sort out so it'll take a while. I do intend though on correcting any broken links for maps (since I have them all, yes even the bad ones), and they'll most likely be going on FilePlanet.

Since #tf stats are of the utmost importance, all 3 of you will be glad to know SleepwalkR has very kindly provided me with hosting for my own site, so that’s where they will go.

Reviews wise, Drannerz need not worry. There will be some midweek. If anyone is interested in writing a review for a map on the pending list, so that the site can close with nothing pending, then just drop me an email.

#1. Hey ^

by MasterMind - Monday 22nd April 2002 @ 4:53pm (

Someone please review my map, -=Return of the MasterMind=- =)

#2. ill do you if you do me :) ^

by DaZ - Tuesday 23rd April 2002 @ 5:44pm (


#3. which map? ^

by Drannerz - Wednesday 24th April 2002 @ 9:23am (

I'll do you (if I haven't already)

#4. Well... ^

by xen|college - Wednesday 24th April 2002 @ 12:49pm (

I've reviewed a good fair few of them already (in textfiles) for when RQ launches. If Daz doesn't mind the same reviews appearing twice, then I'll do a few more and send them to you, but they won't be ready until my PC gets fixed and everything gets reinstalled properly. Damn WinME sucks.. :/

#5. Well ^

by Paul - Wednesday 24th April 2002 @ 3:02pm (

Just write their names in here so people will know. First come, first served type of thing. Thanks by the way.

#6. Oh yeah ^

by Paul - Wednesday 24th April 2002 @ 3:04pm (

Purple Haze and Aghast are mine :P.

#7. OK... ^

by xen|college - Thursday 25th April 2002 @ 12:09pm (


Evil spacehamsters and pink jellyfish
Misdm12 - Terra Nova
Old crater
The Limbo Of Broken Ecstasies <-- LOL :)
WerdDM2 - Cranial Dismemberment
The Ravage II

to do...

PLPAK <-- Someone sponsor me or something :)
Violence 2 - Dark Cello
Return of The Mastermind

For now, anyway. The PC looks promising... should be up and running just under a week from now.

#8. woah xen ^

by Drannerz - Thursday 25th April 2002 @ 12:32pm (

j00 is some kind of l337 speed reviewing guy

#9. I'll ^

by Tronyn - Thursday 25th April 2002 @ 3:59pm (

review a map or two, if someone will review my pack (2 maps) "tribute" (at the TOP of the pending list, in date submitted). or even if someone won't I'll still contribute a review or 2 (any requests), but I'd still like to get my map reviewed.

#10. I'll see what I can do ^

by Paul - Friday 26th April 2002 @ 12:44pm (

Pick anything you want, that is if xen has left anything :).

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