Hello…Goodbye. ^

by Paul - Wednesday 17th April 2002 @ 2:56pm (

I'm closing the site… for the final time :). Everything will disappear on May 30th. I'm looking into putting it somewhere permanent, but I’m not sure what will happen.

The reason? A lack of interest on my part. If I was being totally honest I've never really got back the enthusiasm I had when I was running the site first time around. Time wasn't really an issue; if I'd had the interest then there would have been more updates. I've found I spent more time away from my PC, which doesn't seem so odd when I spent 8 hours a day in front of one at work.

I must thank DaZ and Fat Controller (again) for their help. Shambler should probably get thanks too since he helped getting the site up and running a second time. As for the pending reviews, I'll see what I can do, but I make no promises. On the Quake coverage front, Religion Quake will be back soon so you'll not miss anything.

#1. Sorry to see this, Paul ^

by R.P.G. - Wednesday 17th April 2002 @ 3:04pm (

I'll miss it. Good luck finding a host for the archived content.

What're you going to do about the #TF IRC logs?

#2. #tf logs ^

by Gom Jabbar - Wednesday 17th April 2002 @ 3:09pm (

hmmm, i have to talk to vondur, maybe i'm able to set those up...

#3. Hmm ^

by Paul - Wednesday 17th April 2002 @ 3:11pm (

Ah yes, the #tf stats. I'll think of something.

#4. #tf stats are sorted ^

by Paul - Wednesday 17th April 2002 @ 4:26pm (

I have a site of my own.

#5. Thx for the site ^

by zzjzz - Wednesday 17th April 2002 @ 4:43pm (

This was a great site. thx for all the hard work.

#6. Respec' ^

by xen - Wednesday 17th April 2002 @ 6:52pm (

Didn't you have to review gomdm5 first though, iirc? :)

I actually learnt .asp today and was working on the design of RQ myself; I've got everything figured out in my head but there's still lots more areas of coding I want to go into to optimise it. If you're still keen on the idea then nevermind, but I'll happily help where needed.

Anyhow... GG mate. You are THE MAN for keeping this up for so long. Your reviews were bettered by none, with the possible exception of Shambler. I'll miss this place.


#7. RQ ^

by Kable - Wednesday 17th April 2002 @ 9:08pm (

I'm working on RQ ... aren't I?

#8. Yes you are. ^

by Paul - Thursday 18th April 2002 @ 2:54am (

So don't stop :).

xen: You might wanna have a word with DaZ. Work on the new RQ is well underway.

#9. time to quit ^

by randyom - Thursday 18th April 2002 @ 5:25am (

for myself I think the quake deathmatch community is dead now... . It was the same with CTF and now it is deathmatch.
Goodbye.. and thanks for all the reviews

#10. Gom Jabbar doesn't like titles ^

by Gom Jabbar - Thursday 18th April 2002 @ 2:21pm (

Quake DM dead?!? Did I miss something?!?

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