Hello…Goodbye. ^

by Paul - Wednesday 17th April 2002 @ 2:56pm (

I'm closing the site… for the final time :). Everything will disappear on May 30th. I'm looking into putting it somewhere permanent, but I’m not sure what will happen.

The reason? A lack of interest on my part. If I was being totally honest I've never really got back the enthusiasm I had when I was running the site first time around. Time wasn't really an issue; if I'd had the interest then there would have been more updates. I've found I spent more time away from my PC, which doesn't seem so odd when I spent 8 hours a day in front of one at work.

I must thank DaZ and Fat Controller (again) for their help. Shambler should probably get thanks too since he helped getting the site up and running a second time. As for the pending reviews, I'll see what I can do, but I make no promises. On the Quake coverage front, Religion Quake will be back soon so you'll not miss anything.

#11. For you, maybe. ^

by xen - Thursday 18th April 2002 @ 2:30pm (

Quake is dead for anyone if they perceive it that way. It can't actually 'die' as long as interest is still provided by anyone. MPQ isn't the last standalone resource for Q1DM on the 'net, you know.

#12. So sorry.... ^

by Bascule - Thursday 18th April 2002 @ 3:52pm (

to see you go.
I'm really choked that good ol' MPQ is saying it's last farewell. I've loved this site from when I first got into Quake big time about three years ago.
Despite what's been said on QMap, Quake is not dead; for a lot of people, still, it's all their computer can manage decently (mine included) and I guess for that reason alone, some will continue to play.
All the best Paul with whatever...

#13. Pending reviews... ^

by Drannerz_ - Friday 19th April 2002 @ 10:44am (

Don't waste time reviewing all that shazz in the review list, just review the goodness [ie, my map].


#14. luny couldn't be arsed with a title ^

by luny - Saturday 20th April 2002 @ 7:53am (

Too bad to see this really excellent site go away, I've been checking these pages on daily basis for quite a long time now and it's been the #1 resource for custom dm maps for me.. Time to find another one somewhere then I suppose :( Thanks for all the work you've been putting into this site making it the best custom dm map resource in the web.

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