Quake Architecture Contest ^

by Paul - Saturday 30th March 2002 @ 9:19am (

Gom Jabbar has taken over the Quake Architecture Contest from MisYu because his HDD went tits up. Using the magic of cut and paste here is the gist of it:

The purpose of this contest is to produce brilliant architecture using only a few textures. The contest is about creating playable Quake deathmatch maps with interesting brush shapes and forms. You are expected to create visually stunning brushwork while using the textures only to accentuate the architecture, not the other way round as it happens alot. This time we want something different.

To join in the fun and for more details pop by the website.

Oh yeah, yesterdays "update". I was working (even though it was Good Friday) and afterwards went to the cinema to see Blade 2 so didn't get around to finishing anything off. Anyway, the film was lots of blood and gore which makes for some enjoyable mindless entertainment.

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