Shite A Light ^

by Paul - Wednesday 27th March 2002 @ 3:12pm (

No queue hopping here. I'm plodding onwards and upwards and there should be an update on Friday. After which PLPak should be within my sights.

On a side note the Master of Biffs has released a pro version of Daedalus Revisited with various wotsits tweaked and fiddled with. Unfortunately I don't agree with it being the pro version because there isn't enough cheese content in it to warrant such a title.

#1. Que hopping... ^

by Gom Jabbar - Thursday 28th March 2002 @ 5:45am (

is nice as far as GomDM5 hops to the top of the que... ;)

I hope you got my mail Paul... Maybe there will be more mails by over the weekend, 4 days without work... Man, what a dream ;)...

#2. Cheese Content? ^

by xen - Thursday 28th March 2002 @ 8:30am (

Err... could you elaborate on that? :)

#3. Oh btw... ^

by xen - Thursday 28th March 2002 @ 8:50am (

The worst map ever just got added to the pending list :(

#4. Re: Cheese Content ^

by Paul - Thursday 28th March 2002 @ 2:44pm (

Err... no.

Old Crater is interesting to say the least. I'm not quite sure what Parboil is thinking there.

#5. Oh yeah! ^

by Drannerz_ - Friday 12th April 2002 @ 10:38am (

Mmmmm...Pending. I love the way no one can work out the weight of their map in Kbs. Some of those maps are 3Mb, jeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus.

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