Why did I add titles here? ^

by Paul - Tuesday 19th March 2002 @ 6:08pm (

Like buses there are 3 at once.
MisDM13 - The Lag Place by MisYu
Morbid Descending by Vladin Mitov
Colluctatio Morientis by Henning Janssen aka Tymo

The occasionally lovely Biff released the curvy idbase textured imp1dm6 : Daedalus Revisited yesterday which is well worth a look at.

#1. imp1dm6 ^

by randyom - Wednesday 20th March 2002 @ 11:22am (

plays nice and attacking from above is really great fun here, but nothing architectural outstanding.

#2. Re : imp1dm6 ^

by Paul - Wednesday 20th March 2002 @ 5:05pm (

I thought it looked really cool. It’s a nice change to see the idbase texture molded around some curvy architecture.

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