Uh Oh ^

by Paul - Monday 11th March 2002 @ 1:23pm (

When I finish Metal Gear Solid 2 there will be reviews. Dunno when that'll be.

#1. mgs ^

by DaZ - Monday 11th March 2002 @ 3:38pm (

I bet reviewing is MUCH more fun than playing that kind of drivel :)

I could understand if it was GTA3 or State of emergency but MGS2 lol!


Um, yes, well I suppose I cant talk can I...

/me wanders off to the pending reviews list

#2. mgs2 ^

by xen - Monday 11th March 2002 @ 4:41pm (

My friend completed it in two days, and he isn't that much of a hardcore gamer... so if you take much longer than that then you probably suck :P

#3. Ok... ^

by Panzer - Monday 11th March 2002 @ 6:35pm (

I suck! But in defensive of my ego, I haven't whole-heartedly commited to the game. I can say it's absolutely breath taking and a joy to play, but the story isn't as good as the first one.

#4. D! ^

by DrannerZZzzz... - Tuesday 12th March 2002 @ 12:43pm (

D!...you son of a bitch

Do some fucking reviews! Stop spending that five grand you stole from Lloyd's of Steyning.

#5. :) ^

by DaZ - Tuesday 12th March 2002 @ 3:34pm (


p.s - Hud-dranz is coming soon

#6. mmmwah ^

by bob able - Thursday 14th March 2002 @ 5:14pm (

Hah, and I thought MGSn was a racing game.

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