Meep meep ^

by Paul - Monday 4th March 2002 @ 6:09pm (

Just the two:
Crdm2 : Mechanical Tears by DaZ
Extispicium by Henning Janssen aka Tymo

So why was there a delay with the reviews over the weekend? Excluding new-ish PS2 games, I’m gonna blame Daz. I completely forgot CRDM2 had optional high quality textures, so there I am going on about how it looks pants in my review. So I go to add the review to the site and notice Daz has put a note in saying could I mention the high quality textures. So I download them, load the map and have one of those "oh ffs" moments where I realise I’m talking complete arse, and that the map does look really good. So I decided I’d had enough and went to bed. That and the fact I’d not finished any other reviews either :).

#1. xen is afraid of typing too much ^

by xen - Sunday 10th March 2002 @ 5:32pm (

What's with the lack of postage here? Shouldn't someone be Saying "Person X, check your mail.", by now? :)

#2. lol ^

by Drannerz - Monday 11th March 2002 @ 5:45am (

it looks pants

...that would have made a great review.

#3. DaZ ^

by DaZ - Monday 11th March 2002 @ 6:08am (



#4. eh? ^

by DaZ - Thursday 21st March 2002 @ 7:45pm (


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