Level up! ^

by Paul - Thursday 28th February 2002 @ 5:50pm (

Gom Jabbar has very kindly done a review of Amen Ra by Phil 'seth' Wimblett.

Why haven't I done any reviews? Ermm... well it's this blasted game you see. I've spent far to much time playing it since its very, very addictive. I'll have some up this weekend.

Note to Panzer : Your email addresses are b0rked. Set up a hotmail account.

#1. "level up!" ^

by DaZ - Thursday 28th February 2002 @ 6:49pm (

You've been playing too much "Altered beast" on the Sega megadrive my friend :)

...Damn that game was pukka...

#2. Never played Altered Beast ^

by Paul - Thursday 28th February 2002 @ 7:02pm (

I remember seeing it though. The reason I put the title as that is because in Bejeweled (gay name I know, but its the game I mentioned in my update) it says that when you finish a level in a really cheesy voice.

#3. Hotmail addy...added ^

by Panzer - Friday 1st March 2002 @ 12:19pm (

panzer_mailto:[email protected]?subject=Arrgggh don't email me!?

Can't figure out why my Outlook Express isn't working. I receive emails every day on it. Anyway, hope this works for you. I also found some more stuff on using Radiant for Q1. Go to http://www.acsu.buffalo.edu/~ejlasota/ and check out all of the programs associated with using Radiant for Q1 level editing. In case anyone missed it, The Forge and QuakeLab have a number of tutorials for Q1 level editing, but honestly...I liked Xen's tute on how to make rooms look better the best so far! :)

#4. /me blushes ^

by xen - Friday 1st March 2002 @ 2:26pm (

Thanks :)

#5. Write more of them damnit ^

by Paul - Friday 1st March 2002 @ 5:56pm (


#6. Ok. ^

by Paul - Friday 1st March 2002 @ 6:02pm (

Well I've tried again. Third time lucky maybe?

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