A question or two ^

by Paul - Tuesday 26th February 2002 @ 3:44pm (

I'm current knocking up an article with info on how to get started with Quake mapping, but I'm wondering if people have any sources of information or mapping tips that they'd like to share. I'd also like to know what BSP, VIS and light programs people use. Please leave your comments on this news item.

#21. Compilers ^

by Gom Jabbar - Thursday 28th February 2002 @ 10:40am (

Just added DuBSP to my list of compilers to check...

#22. Erm Panzer ^

by Paul - Thursday 28th February 2002 @ 12:48pm (

Emails to both addresses bounced. Any suggestions?

#23. Dubsp? ^

by xen - Thursday 28th February 2002 @ 2:35pm (

"dubsp is used in association with GTKRadiant.. NOT QERadiant.. "

Erm, wasn't it made for WC3.3?

#24. Ok, got one more.... ^

by Panzer - Thursday 28th February 2002 @ 8:15pm (

panzer_mailto:[email protected]?subject=Arrgggh don't email me!?

I'll be online later. Do you have MSNIM? My email addy is above and I go by Panzer_DWS for screen name. Cya later!

#25. This is a GOOD idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^

by Abyss - Friday 1st March 2002 @ 7:38pm (

But I am biased, 'cause it is exactly what I want/need. Sorry I can't help, I am one of your target audience ;)

Good tutorials, and or links to them would be great. As with build programs, qbsp, light, vis, perhaps not just whjich programs to use, but "how" to use them correctly, all the command line parameters etc, would be good to know.

All you more experienced mappers should keep in mind, that the things that you take for granted, or think a very trivial, things that come as second nature to you, without having to really think about it, are things that us newcomers may not have a clue about.

It is a very daunting thing, being surrounded by mappers, who's maps you have played and enjoyed for years, for who's mapping skills you have gained great respect for, to go to places like Qmap and ask very simple, sometimes silly questions. I think there would be others like myself, who end up just stumbling around in the dark trying to figure things out, who don't really want to trouble others with their basic questions, to whom the type of thing that you are attempting here, would be very greatly appreciated.
There are to many sites where this sort of stuff (Quake editing material), has just dissappeared from, and all we are left with is dead links. So I think whatever you manage to come up with would be a welcomed and well used resource.

I wish you all the very best of luck with it, and look forward to it becoming a reality.

#26. How do I get QERadiant to work ^

by Panzer - Saturday 2nd March 2002 @ 9:19pm (

I keep getting an error message when I try to compile a map in QERadiant. The message is as follows:

SetQdirFromPath: no 'quake2' in c:progra~1/qeradi~1/maps/test1.map

Sorry for bugging you guys about this, but I'm not very familiar with how or where to enter things in the command line, much less how to get this map to compile. Please help as I have a bunch of great mapping ideas for gritty ol' Quake 1. Thanks to all who have helped out!

#27. Qmap... ^

by xen - Sunday 3rd March 2002 @ 1:44pm (

Try asking in the 'mapping help' thread at Qmap, here: http://www.qmap.org

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