Bleh ^

by Paul - Wednesday 20th February 2002 @ 5:30pm (

I would have finished a couple of reviews this evening but something cropped up and I had to pop out. I should have something by tomorrow.

/me hides from Gom Jabbar

#1. Yee ^

by Blechx - Wednesday 20th February 2002 @ 7:00pm (

Damn I need to get a map done soon!

#2. Paulos! ^

by MisYu - Thursday 21st February 2002 @ 7:07am (

Are you going to review PLPAK in one big article, splitted into each map's review (just like you did either with UKPAK or Reinc) or reviews of PLPAK maps will be successfully uploaded?

#3. /me searches for Paul ^

by Gom Jabbar - Thursday 21st February 2002 @ 7:15am (

Hmmm, where is that damned bastard hiding?!?

Check you Mailbox Paul, maybe it's something that makes you scream in pleasure...

#4. MisYu! ^

by Paul - Thursday 21st February 2002 @ 7:21am (

I've answered this one a few times before. :) So, c+p :

I intend on doing them all at once. Obviously each map will have its own review but I'll be doing it as one big update.

There won't be an intro like there was on the UKPAK review though.

#5. Got it :) ^

by Paul - Thursday 21st February 2002 @ 7:33am (

Now check your email.

#6. Gom Jabbar ate the title ^

by Gom Jabbar - Thursday 21st February 2002 @ 7:55am (

I did, now go check your mail!

#7. yeah ^

by DaZ - Thursday 21st February 2002 @ 3:38pm (

Check your mail... Everyones doing it! :)

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