Stop! ^

by Paul - Monday 4th February 2002 @ 5:47pm (

Another two:
Exercise One by GlassMan
Eternal6 by [cOld]

...and January's #tf stats especially for Larabie the fuckwit.

Carry On.

#1. ... ^

by The Lieutenant - Tuesday 5th February 2002 @ 10:32am (

'Fuckwit' is such a good word, isn't it?

#2. .. ^

by xen - Tuesday 5th February 2002 @ 12:29pm (

Who's Larabie?

And Mark&Lard suck ass :P

#3. . ^

by Paul - Tuesday 5th February 2002 @ 2:36pm (

LTH : I use it daily to describe most things.

xen : See the comments on the "stats time" news post. The Stop, Carry On thing is the only thing that Mark & Lard do that I find funny for some reason.

#4. Yes. ^

by Larabie - Friday 8th February 2002 @ 9:12am (

Why so eager to label me a fuckwit? Are you so insecure and childish that you need to feel better than others around you by calling them "fuckwits"? As I mentioned in an earlier post, about the truth being so painful, all I did was mention THE HORRIBLY OBVIOUS REALITIES ABOUT YOUR WEBSITE. It was stagnant, so I said it was. You didn't have any updates for at least 2 months. So I said there were no updates for at least 2 months.

So, you seem to have a small problem with people's criticism perhaps... constructive or not. I thought someone like you who had undoubtedly seen many so called "flame wars" in his online adventures would have known the differences between a carefully constructed piece of criticism and an outright insult.

Its difficult not to sound too negative here, given the replies to my past comments but I refuse to take the easy path to egotistical triumph and fire back such verbal gutter filth as you like to throw up around here.

Call me what you will. You know what they say about words, being that they don't break bones. I'll try not feel hurt by your pathetic discord, save a few moments of dissolutionment at humanity and it's tragic and inevitable pitfalls.

Why spend so much time in thought you say? Think twice and we may think with patched vigor perhaps? Be not envious at your fellow, he is as vulnerable and fortified as you. His soul is empty, yet he yearns for a contemplative existence, not to gag on thoughts of goodness but to throw back all envy, self pride and wickedness.

"What Crap!", you say. This guy's a looney? Humans think alike.

We are Human. Harmony is within us. Within our very fabric. Waiting for that poignant moment to tear free from it's grievous cell, to make waves upon corruption and foulness, in all it's forms.

That's enough for one post. Judge as you will but read the words. Do not lye down in another's imprint. Make your own.

I look forward to replies, if any.

#5. sigh... ^

by xen - Friday 8th February 2002 @ 1:56pm (

You shouldn't have posted here, there were no fullstops left for the title...

And whatever bullshitting you partake in whilst explaining yourself, you're insulting the creator of the very medium upon which you are posting. MPQ probably proves more of an archive site than a regular news site; tell me where else you can find 450+ rated and reviewed (at high quality) Q1DM maps in such a well organised database!
Paul pays to have this site hosted, and provides map-hosting, high quality reviews, and a very efficient organisation system for all these maps all free of charge; complaining about him not doing more of this stuff is pathetic (I learned the hard way too).

#6. /me blushes ^

by Paul - Friday 8th February 2002 @ 6:04pm (

Thanks xen :).

#7. Erm ^

by Paul - Friday 8th February 2002 @ 6:04pm (

I called you a fuckwit because you're annoying.

I actually welcome carefully constructed criticism, it is therefore ironic that your comments were nothing of the sort but were littered with various snide comments and insults. You did have point, but it was somewhat hidden. As such it was kinda obvious that my first reaction was to be annoyed and tell you to go fuck yourself. I still stand by that.

To then continue by insulting other people, such as insinuating that Gom Jabber sucks my cock, isn't really on. I suppose next you'll be accusing xen of being a brown nose for standing up for himself.

It does however amuse me that you felt the need to post in the first place. It makes me think maybe you're just looking for an argument. Or like pointing out the bleeding obvious. Most of what you've written has an angry tone to it, as if to say I owe you something, when in fact I owe nothing. The only thing I owe are reviews to the map authors.

As for #tf stats, I'm sorry but people do read them. Admittedly only those in #tf but why is that of your concern? I mean I'm not forcing you to read them.

This all brings me to one thing though, what exactly is your point? If it's a cry for help and for information on managing your anger, then please look no further:
Anger Management - Anger Toolkit
Google - anger management.
The people of Appleton may be able to help.

If you feel the need to reply, please, don't bother.

#8. Serious ^

by Larabie - Friday 8th February 2002 @ 8:59pm (

That was a hell of a thing. Wow, I mean it was all just something to spice it up a little. I'm glad it got some people thinking.

Me ranting on here is more like plain fun than spite. I really am fine with MPQ and as xen pointed out, you won't find better anywhere.

You have to admit, it's been amusing slurring eachother with filth and slime.

Don't be alarmed, as it was only meant to create a storm in a teacup, add excitement, or whatever. It seems to have worked and i'm sure people have enjoyed the show.

No, its not a pathetic existence, given the nature of things. Theres no harm in conversation at length with another for all who have read it are hippocrits if they say stuff like, what a waste of time. If you are reading it, then it's worth every sentence.

I wont say "hahahaha, had you going" That just isn't at all fair.

I like this message board and MPQ is pretty good. Those that dont try cant judge, do you think? Or is that the nature of a critic?

#10. Hmmm... ^

by xen - Saturday 9th February 2002 @ 1:43pm (

I smell fish... :)

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