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by Paul - Thursday 26th November 1998 @ 6:43pm (

DOH!!! I've had a system crash earlier today and have lost a load of stuff on my primary HD. That includes this weeks reviews, dammit! Also lost some emails from earlier on in the week, some to do with people applying for the Quake2 reviewer position. I apologise for not getting back to you all, I'll do that this weekend! I promise!

Thanks for all the positive comments on the site. Also I submitted some news to the news desk on PlanetQuake and heres what appeared:

11.26.98 | 02:17  PlanetQuake Happenings
MPQ overhaul and interviews - by Gestalt
MPQ has had a major redesign, a massive improvement on the old look. They've also opened a new feature called "Featured Author", which interviews a well-known deathmatch mapper each week, and to kick things off they've got three interviews for you - Sten "ztn" Uusvali, Paul "peej" James, and Stuart "Copy" Cam. Well worth a look...
One thing I forgot to mention last weekend was Quake Army Knife, QuArK. When I do get some time to do some editing, this is my preferred editor. Its now at version 5.1b and a superb piece of programming, and its made partly in my favourite language Delphi. Anyway, I recommend it.

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