Almost New Year Reviews ^

by Paul - Wednesday 30th December 1998 @ 7:11pm (

Ok, I'm back now after a short Christmas break. I'm getting the Top 10 Quake and Quake 2 maps of the year ready and I'm also working on some Quake reviews. I should, hopefully, have the reviews and the Top 10 up on the site by Saturday.

Those of you that visit Headshot's, Retinal's and Frib's websites will have noticed the qboard. This is Headshots very own webboard. I've asked to mirror it here, so I should hopefully be able to link it up here. I recommend map authors go look at it now, its full of helpful map making info.

Having had a look at the counters on the Quake and Quake 2 pages it would appear that the Quake 2 reviews are just slightly more popular than the Quake reviews =P. The good thing about these counters is I get loads of details about the people who visit the site. For example the majority of visitors to the Quake page use 800x640 resolution and IE4. I was surprised to find some people use 1600x1200!!! If you use a resolution higher than 1024x768, email me and tell me does the site look ok?

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