Merry Christmas ^

by Paul - Friday 25th December 1998 @ 7:10pm (

*MERRY CHRISTMAS* to all you Quakers. Hope you're all having a good Christmas where ever you are.

Monsto has done 3 more Quake 2 reviews and I've now uploaded all archives for all the reviews I've done, pop over to the old reviews page and go from there. The majority of levels with 4+ have pictures with them. Some reviews are little wierd though because they relate to pictures which aren't there, I'll get round to sorting that out soon. (ie. re-write the review)

This is probably a long shot, but does anyone have a copy of old archives for the site, when Taskmaster ran the site. We don't have them and neither does Taskmaster. Any help would be good!

Xori has released his first Quake 2 map, which I recommend you go download now.

I've also added another link, its for The House Of CleaN which is a map author site. The site includes some tips for map making which are worth a look.

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