Quake 2 Reviews ^

by Paul - Monday 14th December 1998 @ 7:06pm (

Monsto has come up with 3 more reviews and 2 are TOP rated!!!

Since you peeps have been asking me so much about it, here is a fully working, properly checked, totally correct, 100% prefect link for Kaffe & Kaka 2.0. Its a local link since the authors link is about as reliable as a Lada. Hope you're all happy now =P.

This is something that relates *ONLY TO QUAKE REVIEWS*. I am willing to accept older maps. The Submit Levels page says submit recent work. I'm not that bothered. Do not, however, hand in your entire back catalogue of maps, now that would annoy me. Why am I do doing this? I have no Quake maps to review at the moment so need something to cover this =).

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