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by Paul - Sunday 13th December 1998 @ 7:04pm (

Its a good job I'd done the majority of the update yesterday because right now I feel like $%#. Don't know whats caused it. Its as if someones poured concrete down my neck and my head is being pounded by a pneumatic drill. Anyway, here are this weeks batch of Quake and Quake2 reviews. The majority of the Quake levels are big maps this week which makes a change. As always check the Old Reviews if you missed last weeks reviews.

Gonzo has moved his site Gonz-O-Matic from Telefragged to PlanetQuake. Pop over there and gaze at how good his site looks =).

The final two Featured Author interviews are up. They are Danimal and Killjoy. Speaking of Killjoy, he has just moved his site from Geocities to Terrafusion.

Another crazy thought of mine. Top 10 Quake and Quake 2 maps of 1998. Send in details of your favourite 3 maps of 1998. It'll appear at the end of December so start voting now.

Site regular, Pingu, has written a little rant. Its about how boring some games are today and its similiar to what I've said in my Half-Life rant (which I've nearly finished writing).

I've got a little disclaimer here which I've added to the submit levels page. Basically if you can't download a level then its not our problem, its the authors. I could upload all the maps here but I have limited time on the net so its easier on my part to give the link the author does. Off couse if a bad link looks like a typo please do tell us and it will be fixed.

Just thought I'd mention GLDoom. Excellent piece of software. Its a amazing achievement considering it was written in Bruces spare time. I do have to say it chugged a bit on some maps (I'm running it on a P200 64mb, Voodoo2 12mb), but overall it was fairly smooth. Certainly adds a new lease of live to the old game.

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