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by Paul - Wednesday 9th December 1998 @ 6:59pm (

More news for you peeps. Today is the 1 year anniversary of the release of Quake II in the US. Yippee! Also tommorrow is the 5th anniversary of the release of Doom! Take a look at 5 Years of Doom for more info on this. Also Doomworld and Doom Nation are worth a look too.

Xori has opened his site here at MPQ, go take a peek. Hes almost finished his first Quake 2 map as well. Peekaboom's DM Diagnosis page has moved to Terrafusion.

Heres some good news! Odd has re-opened The Great Green Heron server. The web site consists of which maps are running, which are listed below: - "the classics"

imminent boom - by - danimal
the eye of the tiger - by - harmageddon
here comes da pain - by - odd
hammer down - by - gom jabbar
biohazard - by - mr. fribbles
painkiller - by - ztn
naked cows on stage - by - gandhi
the gun - by - headshot
blood run - by - ztn
vortex - by - mr. fribbles
the steeler - by - ztn
aerowalk - by - preacher
spinev2 - by - headshot
ultraviolence - by - escher
strafin1 - by - peej - "the currents"

dead bodies everywhere - by - headshot
kinky afro - by - gandhi
shadowmines - by - underscore
celebrity dm - by - peej
the divine enigma - by - kaiser

Doh! Seems some links for files and pictures were bOrked on the Quake2 page, they have now been fixed. (Thank you to everyone who commented on this =)).

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