wh00p new look! ^

by Paul - Saturday 21st November 1998 @ 6:41pm (

Welcome to the new look MultiPlayer Quake! Big thanks to my brother Kable for creating this cool new look! Any comments just send them his way.

This weeks Quake reviews aren't up yet. They'll appear in the next few days. Sorry!

We still need a Quake 2 reviewer, for details see the Quake2 page.

For those of you that use both Netscape and Internet Explorer you may notice the site looks different in each. The reason is simply that IE can have fancy effects like floating frames, underlines which appear when the mouse goes over them, that kind of thing. When you come to site a little Javascript works out what browser you have and points you in the right direction.

For those that are interested heres the Netscape page and the Internet Explorer page.

Two more Featured Author articles are up. Ztn and Copy. Also I have done up Peej's with pictures of his maps.

The old reviews page has been updated for the last two months, forgot about that!

Thank you to Morgan V for the links to level editors. Also thanks to Neal White III for the link to Wally, a texture Editor for Quake.

Heres a mention for a server worth visiting. They put up some of the maps that get reviewed here. There are two servers which are run by [ac]Capt.TriPPz. The addresses for the Anticlan servers are and

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