Suggestions/Problems with MPQ ^

by Paul - Wednesday 4th October 2000 @ 6:32pm (

If you have any questions or suggestions about the site then here is the place to comment.

#32. One great-ish comment from me! ^

by MisYu - Sunday 22nd July 2001 @ 8:19am (


#33. WTF? ^

by misyu - Wednesday 5th December 2001 @ 4:13pm (

MisDM13 has been posted twice, one by me (MisDM13 - The Lag Place by MisYu) and second time by... somebody (The Lag Place by Misyu).

Well, I know that our law quaranties us to say and post everything what has been released for public, but I'd like to know everything, what is happening with *my* stuff :)

So, who has submited my map instead of me? :)

#34. wee ^

by misyu - Wednesday 5th December 2001 @ 4:14pm (

one by me = once by me
other mistakes = not mistakes either


#35. The mystery map submitter... ^

by Paul - Thursday 6th December 2001 @ 8:37am (

...would be XeNoN. I keep track who submits maps :).

#36. worldcraft quake suport ^

by Stonepony - Friday 11th January 2002 @ 11:55am (

I just found out Qonverge lets you map for quake with worldcraft3.. it's a pain and I can't make vis work though. The guy who made it mentions somone somone hacked worldraft 2
"A few clever people managed to hack Quake support back into Worldcraft 2 (it only involved changing a few resources in MSVC), but Worldcraft 3 has seen no such progress."

Sooo anyone know where to get that Worldcraft2 with quake suport?

#37. Thanks ^

by Stargazer - Thursday 17th January 2002 @ 7:50am (

Paul, huge thanks for MPQ! in 1999 this site inspired me mapping... Thanks a lot!

#38. I'm a little tired, but... ^

by xen - Monday 11th February 2002 @ 9:02am (

Where's the bit on this site which explains how to do custom code in posts, like links and stuff?

And about the map submitting... rumbled! Well, I was at college and bored one day; had nothing better to do. You may also notice two maps by another author I added too :)

#39. Re : I'm a little tired, but... ^

by Paul - Monday 11th February 2002 @ 12:49pm (

>custom code in posts

There isn't any. This was my first attempt at doing a dynamically controlled website and as such I didn't particularly wanna do lots of stuff. Actually getting it to run was an achievement. Also I don't really want to look at the code for this site again since it’s a mess :). One day it'll be redone.

>And about the map submitting... rumbled!

Which maps?

#40. so you mean... ^

by xen - Tuesday 12th February 2002 @ 10:37am (

It's just HTML? That's a relief, although I suspect this post will turn out like shite anyway. Bah...

And the map submitting was refferring to the few posts above, I threw in Tymodm1&2 too as he doesn't appear to be active within Q1 anymore.

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