Suggestions/Problems with MPQ ^

by Paul - Wednesday 4th October 2000 @ 6:32pm (

If you have any questions or suggestions about the site then here is the place to comment.

#1. whot? no screenies? ^

by excessus - Sunday 15th October 2000 @ 7:42pm (

i suppose you´ll be filling the reviews with snaps of the levels, because otherwise looks a bit disappointing.

#2. dl link for map fat dont work ^

by Goetzenzar - Sunday 15th October 2000 @ 8:04pm (

as i said to vond already, the dl link for the map "fat" (by another russian mapper) is not workin. if u dont have the map, ask me or vond. i can provide webspace too for it.

dunno about other map dl links, but if someone feels bored, test em all :)

#3. -view user list- feature suggestion ^

by Goetzenzar - Sunday 15th October 2000 @ 8:10pm (

sort them by, visits! (paul is on top with 25 visits *g*) (dont ask me now, how i got those 9 visits in short time)

btw, could it be that no "" are possilbe in the comments title ? check that

#4. Good News ^

by John-Paul - Monday 16th October 2000 @ 2:59pm (

It's good that you decided to come back, missed the mpq, I cried for days after you dissapeared and got very angry with a packet of biscuits.

#5. lol ^

by Paul - Monday 16th October 2000 @ 3:20pm (

Those poor biscuits :).

#6. top10 ^

by SPeedy - Tuesday 17th October 2000 @ 12:55am (

You should base top 10 on users votes ( so add votes feature) Like that one at LVL.

#7. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ^

by GibFest - Sunday 22nd October 2000 @ 8:51am (

DASDM1 is back to haunt me in the worst maps section, I didn't know how to use the editor then, bah, I'll have to make a map now to make myself feel better 8).

#8. Old design ^

by John-Paul - Sunday 22nd October 2000 @ 10:58am (

I fell in love with your last site, the design was quite simply effective and aesthetically pleasing.

i don't want to linger on about the past, but any chance of the old design re-appearing.


The new site is nice too

#9. Gibfest (Big Dave) ^

by John-Paul - Sunday 22nd October 2000 @ 11:13am (

Feels nice to own some wellies, you know the type with little frogs on the front.

Seriously though, you're first few attempts were pathetic, but your latest maps do look quite nice.........ooooh

#10. re : Old Design ^

by Paul - Sunday 22nd October 2000 @ 2:47pm (

The old design was crap and theres no way I'm going back to it. Sorry.

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