Suggestions/Problems with MPQ ^

by Paul - Wednesday 4th October 2000 @ 6:32pm (

If you have any questions or suggestions about the site then here is the place to comment.

#41. /me scrolls up ^

by Paul - Tuesday 12th February 2002 @ 2:31pm (

Oh yeah, that was like 2 months ago :). I had no idea what you were talking about and I didn't bother to check the other maps for your nick on the submit info.

There looks like I did a vague attempt at some HTML parsing but I turned if off. Dunno why the bold tags have come out as text though.

#42. Can someone help ^

by CK9 - Saturday 30th March 2002 @ 12:47pm (

I havent been able to find anyone to play multiplayer against. Despite my tries by creating a webssite that hekps people meet eachother to play against, I can't figure how to get people to go to it. If anyone can help me find some one to play against, or knows a way I can get people to find my site, please tell me. My e-mail is mailto:[email protected]?subject=Arrgggh don't email me!?

#43. how do i play multiplayer quake ^

by immune - Monday 8th April 2002 @ 4:25pm (

Where do i go to play multiplayer quake online? and how do i get it to run on my computer?

#44. Title? ^

by Carbine - Sunday 28th April 2002 @ 5:20pm (

This site says multiplayer right? well I dont see a place or link where you actually play it! If you really do have a multiplayer site then where is it?

#45. Erm... ^

by Paul @ Work - Monday 29th April 2002 @ 12:20pm (

Yes, this site is/was MultiPlayer Quake because it is about multi-player maps. If you want to play multi-player you either set up a server yourself and get some friends around to play or go find a Quakeworld server to play on. I do not provide that, never have and certainly never will.

#46. How to load .bsp files ^

by thumblessgnat - Tuesday 14th May 2002 @ 5:39pm (

Hello all,

How the hell do you load the .bsp map in Quake III. I hit ~, type in map xxx.bsp and it looks like it begins loading, but goes back to the menu.

What am I doing wrong. Sorry if this is a lame questions, but I want to play some of these awesome maps.


#48. Re : How to load .bsp files ^

by Paul - Tuesday 14th May 2002 @ 6:32pm (

I dunno whether this is a proper post, but here is an answer. You cannot load them in Q3A since these are QUAKE maps (or Quake 1, Classic Quake, whatever you want to call it). The maps just aren't compatible. You will need a registered version of Quake in order to play them.

#49. Multiplayer ^

by lalowca - Monday 23rd April 2007 @ 4:48pm (

How do i play in servers in multiplayer? i cant see any servers

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