About MPQ Archive

This is the archive site for MultiPlayer Quake which was a Quake (and occasionally Quake 2) deathmatch level review site that ran from 1996(ish) to 2002. It changed handed three times during it run, starting with Taskmaster (Warren Marshall), then Smash (Jason) and Xori (Jakob), then myself (Paul Healey).

The idea behind the site was simple, review anything and everything, whether it was good or bad.

In 2000 the site was revamped to allow comments which caused no end of fun. Bad maps were absolutely slaughtered (review ethics was never a strong point when I ran the site) whilst good ones were heavily praised. The site is amusingly littered with profanities because I was (and still am) a swear box. Viewing it now does make me cringe, but that makes me feel like a prudish twat and... Oh bollo...

In terms of the future of this site, my intention is to have it permanently hosted. The switch to PHP and MySQL wasn't just for fun but to make it more portable. There may be the odd tweak and update here and there, but for all intents purposes the content is now static. However please do feel free to post comments and feedback.

As you've probably noticed it's hosted as a subdomain of pauked.com, that's because the main site is my blog, which is regularly updated with random gibberish.

I've found a broken download link / missing screen shot / etc!

Either post in the suggestions thread or email me at the following address with details such as the url accessed, angle you were sitting at, amount of sunlight, wind direction, etc. I'll try my best to fix it.

Can I post comments?

Yes, you can. You first need to register an account. No personal details are collected for marketing spam or any chaff like that, they're purely just for site access. Your email address is required in case you forget your login details.

Thanks to...

RPG, Bal, Vondur and Jay for all that hard cheese! Actually if it wasn't for RPG letting me help write some chaff for his QExpo booth and getting me interested in Quake again I probably wouldn't have sorted this out. So thanks!

Also I'd like to thank the following for their help on the original site: Daz (washing powder), Fat Controller (not from Thomas the Tank Engine), Shambler, Grindspire, xen, Gom Jabbar (missing in action), Excessus the mad Spanish man, Aardappel the Dutch potato, Pingu, SleepwalkR the pedantic vowel missing German, CardO (plays with his wotsit too much), Killer, Escher (of De Bello Quakero fame) and Yogi.

Daz, Fat Controller and Grindspire deserve a special mention since between them they wrote nearly a 100 reviews out of the 500 or so listed. And not one of them a Rocketman map, lucky bastards.

If you want to see what most of these Quake peeps are now up to, pop over to func_msgboard.

Oh and thanks to my better half, Kate, for not minding too much with me working on this!

Can I look at the old site?

Of course you can but it's state is purely as is. Looky here.

Can I see all the site logos?

Since it's you, here's a list.

Can I see how the site was developed?

Yep, I kept track of progress on my blog, you can read the various entries here.

What's with the scores on the pending reviews?

A bit of fun on my part. They're just random numbers. Perhaps they'll make their way off the pending list and into the reviews at some point!

I have a question that your pitiful FAQ doesn't cover!

Then register an account and pop over to this thread to let me know. Or you could email at the above address.