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If you are new to the site, hello and welcome! This is the archive for MPQ, a Quake deathmatch level review site that ran from 1996 to 2002. You'll find nearly 500 reviews with most of the maps available for download.

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News and Waffle

So where are the reviews? ^

by Paul - Sunday 16th December 2001 @ 4:16pm (

I have Alien versus Predator 2 and Tony Hawk 3 to blame for me not doing any reviews. Also I think I'll blame DaZ too since I'm learning PHP in order to write something funky for him.

Theres always Christmas... which reminds me I can't remember on what date the site changes colour on. Expect horrible greens and reds soon.

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Another month means... ^

by Paul - Tuesday 4th December 2001 @ 5:23pm (

..new #tf stats!

As for reviews, I'm on holiday next week so I'll probably do something then.

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Cue head-banging music ^

by Fat Controller - Sunday 4th November 2001 @ 4:03am (

I have done three maps. One makes me frustrated. One makes me go "uh-huh". And one makes me want to wear black clothes and drink lots of beer while listening to Sadius Fiend and their ilk at excessively high volume.

Trick or Treat! by XeNoN

Poste Haste by Nekroe

KHDM1 - Blue Aura by Kenth

I was joking about the black clothing, actually.

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Has it been that long already? ^

by Paul - Thursday 1st November 2001 @ 1:18pm (

More #tf stats!

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New #tf stats children! ^

by Paul - Tuesday 2nd October 2001 @ 2:38pm (

See here.

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Arb arb arb! ^

by DaZ - Monday 1st October 2001 @ 11:01am (

The Elder Sanctuary by Tronyn

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1 for today ^

by DaZ - Monday 24th September 2001 @ 6:48pm (

The Butt by ParboiL

Quite a nice map, give it a go :)

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Tada! ^

by Paul - Sunday 23rd September 2001 @ 5:33pm (

Along with DaZ's reviews earlier here are two more:
[AntiClimax by Cheshire]
[HERESY by Dr.Shoe]

DaZ and myself are going to be rumbling through the rest of the maps on the pending list in the next week or so.

For anyone thats interested I updated my #terrafusion stats a couple of weeks back.

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OMG pigs fly!!!!!!!!!!!! ^

by DaZ - Sunday 23rd September 2001 @ 1:49pm (

MPQ has seen some life!

Trying to get rid of the pending reviews list, so here goes :
[ SDDM 2 - The Cypher by Spin Doctor ]
[ Al Roker Presents... by TheToadWarrior

Tune in next week, on and one more thing :

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Round about ^

by Paul - Thursday 20th September 2001 @ 4:01pm (

Well since I've just coughed up some cash to renew the domain for a while longer I think its time for an update or two.

I'm currently mirroring all the pending maps onto the site and also all the maps from DaZ's QExpo reviews. Once thats done (almost there) I'll tuck into the pending list. Expect reviews and stuff soon.

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