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If you are new to the site, hello and welcome! This is the archive for MPQ, a Quake deathmatch level review site that ran from 1996 to 2002. You'll find nearly 500 reviews with most of the maps available for download.

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The last incarnation of the site is browsable, but note that it's provided as is. Feel free to browse the site and if you have any comments or feedback, please let me know.

News and Waffle

New Reviews ^

by Paul - Saturday 5th December 1998 @ 6:56pm (

This weeks Quake reviews are up.

Quake 2 deathmatch maps can now be submitted, go to the "Submit Levels" page for more details.

If you missed last weeks reviews, they are now on the old reviews page. I've also changed the layout slightly.

About Half-Life and Sin DM. Sin is a no go for me, I don't have it. I'm unsure about Half-Life reviews. I played HL DM and found it to be little boring...

Two more featured authors, Mr Fribbles and XL Prodigy. Peej has updated his interview, so go take a peek at that. I'm running to the end of this now, any suggestions for more authors, email me. Just to spoil the surprise our final Featured Authors will be Danimal and Kiljoy.

Monsto has done an ickle rant, its interesting reading and should invoke a response or two =). Also theres a followup article on the rant I did last weekend. Thank you to all the people who send feedback. I've got some ideas for another rant so expect another one of them. Probably be about Half-Life, since I've finished it.

About the rants, you can submit your own rant to be put up on the site. Email me first as to what it is about and it'll go from there.

QuArK (version 5.2b) now has Sin and Half-Life support, so you can now convert your Quake maps to either game! Some mapping news, Gandhi has released Naked5, extremely good map. Theres a new Quake Single Player site opened called TEAMShambler Quake Level Reviews. Cool site, go drop by.

Also heres some news from Jakob. Mr. Fribbles has moved his page to http://www.planetquake.com/frib/ and Retinal has got a new look on his page. Not to keen on it myself, but it looks cool none the less.

I've updated the links page. I may have forgot some, so if your link is not there, re-send it.

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Thank you ^

by Paul - Tuesday 1st December 1998 @ 6:56pm (

Thanks for the feedback on the rants. Keep it coming!

Ok, thinking about adding a review section for Single Player Quake 2 maps. Should it go ahead, email me.

I've been thinking about the future of MPQ. We'll definately be doing reviews for Q3A. Now I'm thinking about Sin and Half-Life DM reviews. I know theres no user-made maps yet, but they will soon appear. Good or bad idea? Tell me what you think.

None Quake thing. I recommend, if you have a Playstation and like racing games, go buy TOCA 2 Touring Car. Excellent game.

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New Reviewer... ^

by Paul - Monday 30th November 1998 @ 6:55pm (

We have a Quake 2 reviewer! Its Monsto Brukes, hes the head bloke for the HeadHunters mod. For the moment can people hold off sending Quake 2 maps in. Wait until this weekend then flood him =).

Jakob (Xori) hasn't disappeared, hes gone into Quake 2 mapping and his site will be hosted here. Should appear soon.

Half-Life has invaded my hard disk. I recommend you go buy it now. Its been along while since I played a game that actually has an atmosphere.

Some more links on the links page, thanks go to Martin Kilcoyne. Also have a look at his site. If you want a link on here please read this.

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New Rants ^

by Paul - Sunday 29th November 1998 @ 6:53pm (

Done two rant, article type things. Mine is on Quake websites and Kables is about the design of this site. The idea here is get some feedback and put up a follow up essay. So go read them...

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Bye Xori ^

by Paul - Saturday 28th November 1998 @ 6:46pm (

Some bad news first. Jakob (aka Xori) has left MPQ. Thanks for all your hard work and I wish you good luck in whatever you do next.

Ok, heres some Quake reviews, eventually! Instead of 6 you're being treated to 8! You'll see a box at the top of the page, this is to quickly give you the map scores, to read the review simply click on the map name. Also you'll notice an arrow on the right side of a review, clicking on it will take you back to the Quick Review box.

Two more Featured Author interviews are up so go take a peek.

About the email I said I'd lost. Well if anyone send email to me between Sunday (22nd) and this Wednesday (25th) can you please re-send it to me. I've lost it and it included people applying for the Quake 2 reviewer postion!

One thing I have to mention is that Headshot has released a new map this week called "Dead Bodies Everywhere" (211Kb). I recommend everyone downloads it now!

Various site thing fixed like images load up properly, the spelling mistake on the index page (Kable!), site links loading up correctly and other little things. Some more links on Links page have been added. Again please keep them coming, they can be about anything thats Quake related.

Talking of links I got one to a Spanish Quake 2 site. Its the Liga Profesional de Quake2. Its for a Professional Spanish Quake 2 League. The site is all in Spanish so don't blame me if you can't read it!

On Thursday I mentioned QuArK. Well version 5.2 has been released so pop over to the QuArK homepage to go get it!

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Doh! ^

by Paul - Thursday 26th November 1998 @ 6:43pm (

DOH!!! I've had a system crash earlier today and have lost a load of stuff on my primary HD. That includes this weeks reviews, dammit! Also lost some emails from earlier on in the week, some to do with people applying for the Quake2 reviewer position. I apologise for not getting back to you all, I'll do that this weekend! I promise!

Thanks for all the positive comments on the site. Also I submitted some news to the news desk on PlanetQuake and heres what appeared:

11.26.98 | 02:17  PlanetQuake Happenings
MPQ overhaul and interviews - by Gestalt
MPQ has had a major redesign, a massive improvement on the old look. They've also opened a new feature called "Featured Author", which interviews a well-known deathmatch mapper each week, and to kick things off they've got three interviews for you - Sten "ztn" Uusvali, Paul "peej" James, and Stuart "Copy" Cam. Well worth a look...
One thing I forgot to mention last weekend was Quake Army Knife, QuArK. When I do get some time to do some editing, this is my preferred editor. Its now at version 5.1b and a superb piece of programming, and its made partly in my favourite language Delphi. Anyway, I recommend it.

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wh00p new look! ^

by Paul - Saturday 21st November 1998 @ 6:41pm (

Welcome to the new look MultiPlayer Quake! Big thanks to my brother Kable for creating this cool new look! Any comments just send them his way.

This weeks Quake reviews aren't up yet. They'll appear in the next few days. Sorry!

We still need a Quake 2 reviewer, for details see the Quake2 page.

For those of you that use both Netscape and Internet Explorer you may notice the site looks different in each. The reason is simply that IE can have fancy effects like floating frames, underlines which appear when the mouse goes over them, that kind of thing. When you come to site a little Javascript works out what browser you have and points you in the right direction.

For those that are interested heres the Netscape page and the Internet Explorer page.

Two more Featured Author articles are up. Ztn and Copy. Also I have done up Peej's with pictures of his maps.

The old reviews page has been updated for the last two months, forgot about that!

Thank you to Morgan V for the links to level editors. Also thanks to Neal White III for the link to Wally, a texture Editor for Quake.

Heres a mention for a server worth visiting. They put up some of the maps that get reviewed here. There are two servers which are run by [ac]Capt.TriPPz. The addresses for the Anticlan servers are and

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