Daedalus Revisited

1v1 - 4-8 FFA players | Reviewed by DaZ - Wednesday 20th March 2002 @ 5:56pm

Biff0r! Biff Debris returns with a new masterpiece for all to behold. "Daedalus re-visited" is a stunning piece of work, an ultra detailed and superbly lit idbase textured map that restores my (and many other peoples) faith in the idbase texture set. Gorgeous curved adorn the multi-tiered map and cool spotlights reach up the impressive architecture, it truely is a joy to behold.

Gameplay is fantastic, and I am able to speak 1st hand about this, thanks to RPG's custom map server. All areas of the map are used brilliantly, with a superb 3d element to the gameplay, just the right amount of weapons and armour even out the playing field. And the only true advantage you can get over your opponents is height, it counts for a lot in this map.

Added cool touches are little holes in lifts that you can pop grenades through to spam the people below, and a nice quad secret that took me a while to find (to the amusement of Cardo and Biff...).

One sentence to sum this monster up : GET IT NOW! :)

4.5 out of 5.0

Download 455Kb - 1874 downloads | readme | Biff Debris | Author Site

#21. r_speeds ^

by randyom - Wednesday 27th March 2002 @ 8:11am (

As promised *arghhh* I currently make a prototype for my first DM level I've ever made and I got rspeeds up to 1500. For my 5 years old computer it is no problem to play on this protoype.
Question : is r_speeds really no poblem anymore? I've tried several things but wide open area always increase the r_speeds........

#22. R_speeds ^

by DaZ - Wednesday 27th March 2002 @ 6:46pm (

...are only a problem on old PC's really. And if you have an old PC, j00 sux0r! :)

#23. no ^

by xen - Wednesday 27th March 2002 @ 6:53pm (

Always try to optimise them the best you can. Even if they run fine when walking around, the framerate might fall below acceptable level when in a hectic match.
The lower r_speeds you have the better, in all cases; it ain't all about looks y'know!

#24. Groovy ^

by Rotpig - Thursday 28th March 2002 @ 8:24pm (

Great vertical map, however I do think the lighting lacks somewhat. There isn't enough contrast between light and dark areas which is what spotlights are supposed to do. R_speeds are definately very high, and they do affect gameplay with more players in a match. Like xen says, you MUST optimize a map as much as possible, so that it may be played well on many different machines.

#25. Rotpig! ^

by Paul @ Work - Friday 29th March 2002 @ 7:40am (

What have you been up to? Any more maps in the works?

#26. Whoa. ^

by Blitz - Saturday 30th March 2002 @ 3:05am (

This imp1dm6 thing is the MAAAD NOTE.

#27. Swedes are not Swedish....... ^

by Big_Ballz - Sunday 31st March 2002 @ 10:38am (

Nice Map, still looking for Quad tho

#28. Ouch... ^

by Rotpig - Monday 1st April 2002 @ 9:27am (

Umm... I take back what i said about this map lacking in the lighting department. I've played it in software quake and it looks fantastic, with lots of contrast and effects. I think my screen brightness was up too high anyway :o)

Howdy Paul, been a while. I'd like to think i had some maps in the works, but im just not sure i can still come up with the goods. Many different ideas floating around, yet putting them into play is proving difficult. It's often difficult for me to be pleased with a layout and then build the map through to completion without chucking it in. (so so many factors to consider in mapping) Still, I am dabbling a little here and there and who knows what will come...

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